Big Keyboard Email: Improve Your Typing Skills with a Wide Keyboard

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Big Keyboard Email
Developer: Galia Aviram
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big keyboard emailAn oft-ranted complaint about the iPhone is that users can't access the horizontal keyboard when typing emails. Several developers have tackled the issue including Big Keyboard Email.

We love Big Keyboard Email because it's simple, clean and does exactly what it set out to do. To get started, open the app and type your subject line and message using the horizontal keyboard. When you're done click "send to mail" and the program will transfer your message to the iPhone's standard mail program where you can access your contact list and send the email.

Big Keyboard Email integrates in a nearly seamless manner to let you reply to messages as well. Start your reply using the built-in mail program, then switch to the Big Keyboard Email app, type your message and tap send to mail. The app will place your text in the appropriate message.

It's a quick process that even with more steps involved saves time because writing is so much easier on the larger keyboard. And, at least for this writer, typing on the big horizontal keyboard is more accurate as well.

Big Keyboard Email has a few special features: full support for the international keyboard and the ability to handles special characters. Users can also adjust the font size by accessing the in-app options.

Now, if only this app would work with text messaging...

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