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BigOven 350,000+ Recipes and Grocery List (AppStore Link)
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BigOven 350,000+ Recipes and Grocery List
Developer: Lakefront Software, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

big oven recipe appIf you like to cook, you might want to check out the free app from "Big Oven" an interactive Recipe site which boasts over 250,000 recipes. The Big Oven iPhone App, which allows you to create and upload your own recipes as well as tap into the recipe database stands out mainly by the sheer amount of content, and not necessarily the quality.

The implementation of the app leaves a lot to be desired. Try searching for "short ribbs" (with two b's) and the app is not smart enough to correct the spelling mistake. And there is no clear way to distinguish between the hundreds of short rib recipes, most of which do not have pictures.

In an ideal world, I would like to have iPhone app versions of my favorite cookbooks, (Wolfgang Puck, Nigela Lawson etc..) and not "user generated content". Still, at this stage you take what you get, and as I mentioned, the app is free.

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  • JoshPratt79

    Let me know when the version comes out that shows pictures with what ur cookin. I'm pretty sure everyone agrees we want to see what we're making to eat before we spend 20 minutes stir-frying some mystery-dish


  • Steve Murch

    Thanks for the mention of our free Recipe Search app.

    Spelling corrections ("did you mean ____", like Google) is on deck for the iPhone App. Right now, we're focusing on expanding server capacity, because the app has been downloaded over 140,000 times in the first 6 days since launch, and we're getting a ton of traffic to the servers. There are about 12,000 pictures, so it's quite true that not every recipe has a photo, but several thousand do.

    Happy Cooking from Seattle. Cheers.

  • rxCaptain

    Call it what you want this is an awesome idea for an iPhone application

  • Steve Murch

    Thanks! The app is currently the fifth-most popular free iPhone App in the iTunes store. We really appreciate your interest and support, and we're listening.

  • Maureen Goddard

    I previously joined big oven. Got a #891
    then lost it. Have tried to rejoin buy haven't been able.

  • Steve Murch

    Not sure what an #891 is, but if you contact tech support at, they can help.

  • Steve

    Cannot get to BigOven web site. Has been down for weeks! Whats happening?

  • Steve Murch

    You must have something in your cache that's preventing it. The site is working just fine.

    Try clearing all temporary files and cookies in your browser.