Biiplane Offers Good Flight; Little Else

BiiPlane - Flying Game (AppStore Link)
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BiiPlane - Flying Game
Developer: Bootant LLC
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biiplane iphone flight simulationBiiplane is a flying app that will test your ability to maneuver your iPhone or iPod Touch through a simplistic obstacle course. It works well as a flight simulator through its use of the accelerometer. But the lack of options makes Biiplane feel too limited.

You, of course, fly a biplane through an oval-shaped course and must collect a series of items to pass to the next level. There are boxes suspended from hot-air balloons, some large letters that you must swoop down and get, and large loops that must be flown through. After successfully passing these challenges you can move on to more difficult levels. Keep an eye on your plane's life meter on the left side of the screen. Scrape too many walls or the ground and you are toast.

The strongest part of Biiplane is tilting the iPhone or iPod Touch to the left and right to control flight. It can also be angled forward and back for diving and soaring. Controlling the biplane was easy due to the configuration of the controls. There is even an option to perform a calibration within Biiplane's menu. The only weakness was the viewing angle. The game had to be tilted slightly forward to keep the plane level - even after adjustment through the calibration option. It was a bit awkward at first, but it's something that players can get used to.

After a bit of gameplay Biiplane fails to capture much interest. I kept hoping that an F-15 would appear for me to attack. Biiplane feels like something that should have come out of the App Store at launch. The novelty of using the accelerometer to control an airplane or other character has worn off. Games need to offer more depth and challenges than simply flying a plane or driving a car.

While it offers more action than Wings, another flying app, Biiplane does not deliver much more than fairly basic gameplay. It may be worth a try if you are a hardcore flight sim fan or just want a game that will give you a quick challenge. But it's probably not an app that will hold your interest over the long-term.

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