Prepubescent Boys Rejoice... Bikini Times Are Here!

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

bikini alarm clock iphone appThe team over at Golden Plum collectively has a big pair by moving forward with their audacious new application. Bikini Alarm Clock is the fruit of their labor that’s intended to get a rise out of their audience. It’s a glorified alarm clock that features scantily clad women in a variety of fantasy backdrops.

Anyone interested in buying Bikini Alarm Clock would probably be most interested in the fact you have 10 different female models to select from. Now I’m happily married and I like my peaceful household, so I’ll refrain from getting into too much detail on how “hot” the women are. One thing I will say is that the girls have a redundant look to them. I think a more diverse representation of women from all backgrounds and sizes would have been a better move to appease the preferences of men everywhere. Lastly, the option to upload a picture to be used within Bikini Alarm Clock seems like a bonehead omission.

Bikini Alarm Clock features a solid amount of options to modify the alarm clock to your standards. There are options to change everything from the style and color of the numerical digits to the date formats. Snooze and dimming options are two other great components that can be modified. The user interface to control all of this stuff is easy enough through tapping and sliding to your heart's content. No issues in this respect at all.

You know what you’re getting with Bikini Alarm Clock. It’s an alarm clock that features backdrops of women. While it isn’t something of interest to me, I can see it being useful to guys that walk around with their favorite actress, model or pornstar as a wallpaper on their iPhone. Outside of that scenario, it’s hard to see Bikini Alarm Clock finding a big and receptive audience.

My main issue with Bikini Alarm Clock is that it addresses a problem that doesn’t exist. The iPhone already has a great native alarm clock without the battery drain that comes with Bikini Alarm Clock. If the premise of this application speaks to you, I’m happy to say that you’ll likely find it satisfying. Otherwise, there’s nothing to see here folks!

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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