Billing Time: A Specialty Stop-Watch for Tracking Client Time

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Billing Time
Developer: Jeremy Breaux
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billing time iphone appBilling Time is for people like me who are not into time. If there's one thing I need, it's to keep better records of the time I spend on projects for my freelance clients. I generally start a project by checking the clock with a glance, then do the work, and when I finish, I check the time again.

I hate to admit this in public, but I usually make a good-faith guess of the time I've worked on a project. I seldom write down the start and stop time to be more precise.

What usually happens is that I underestimate the amount of time I put into a project — especially if the project extends over a few days. I always give the client the benefit of the doubt out of concern that I might bill for more than the time I've put into the project.

I admit it: It's a dopey way to do business. I'm sure I'm cutting myself short on the amount of money I deserve.

That's where Billing Time, developed by Jeremy Breaux comes in. It's a very simple app that anyone who bills by the hour might find useful.

Start Billing Time by entering the client's name into the Job Name field, tap the Start button, and the count begins. There's no need to keep Billing Time open. The clock will tick anyway. When you've completed the project, open Billing Time and tap the Stop button. Voila. The Start, Stop, Total Time fields will be filled in and the only thing left is to send the info to the client or to yourself by tapping the Email button.

Okay, so I said Billing Timeis a simple app. The problem is that many people will find it too simple.

I seldom start and stop a project all in one go. Sometimes, I'll work a bit, then stop to play with the dog or just goof because I don't fill like working any more and then start again.

I need an app that will keep track of the accumulated time I spend on a job. I also don't have clients who want to be invoiced in a simple email, so it would be nice if I could export the info or create a report. I often do work for the same client over and over, so I'd rather not have to re-enter the client's name every time I use the app.

Bottom line: If you punch a clock twice a day, Billing Time works. If you are self-employed, a steady freelancer or something like that, you'll need a more sophisticated app. Take a look at some of the other personal-time keeping apps before you decide.

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  • Bob Ybarra

    I just started using iTimeSheet. You start with a calendar where you have a '+' button top corner. This takes you to the event window where you can add a new client, new project, a new task or call up an existing one. You can input the hour starting& stopping manually or by hitting a button for the immediate time. There is also a place to add total time that you paused. You can also designate the hours as chargeable or not with a switch. Here is where the app gets better. There is an analysis feature where you can review projects, a client's projects or the tasks in a project with a pie chart. You can set the parameters of your review using a beginning & ending date. Also view a test report that you can email as a spreadsheet. Start using this week as so far I am happy. However, it is unable to attach a client in your address book or send an invoice.