Billy Frontier is One Addictive Space Cowboy

Billy Frontier (AppStore Link)
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Billy Frontier
Developer: Pangea Software, Inc.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Billy Frontier is the third iPhone game from Austin-based developer Pangea Software (makers of Cro Mag Rally and Enigmo reviewed on AppCraver. And it's incredibly addictive!

With phenomenal graphics, great sound and awesome spaghetti-western music Billy Frontier offers diverse levels and is quite simply a hell of a lot of fun. The accelerometer is used for steering in the stampedes while the touch screen is used for target practices, shoot-outs and duels.

Billy Fontier is easy enough for anyone to get hooked right away but at the same time it is challenging enough to keep you interested. The lack of difficulty levels to choose from and a missing autosave option leave room for improvement but with its fantastic graphics and the variety of different levels this app will have almost anyone tied to their screen trying to shoot aliens and dodge running steers.

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