Bird's Town Deluxe is Fine Feathered Fun for iPhone Gamers of Any Skill Level

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Bird's Town DeluxeImagine a game that combined classic match three elements in a fashion similar to Luxor, but also featured colorful birds that build fabulous cities and Bird’s Town Deluxe is what you’d have. A friendly, fun take on a classic marble matching game that pits players against a hoard of villainous felines that have hypnotized a flamboyant flock of birds. First existing as a downloadable PC game, Bird’s Town Deluxe for iPhone is a casual, but addictive game that has some really fun elements.

Beginning with a pretty adorable opening cut scene, it’s clear who the bad guys are in Bird’s Town Deluxe. Besides the core game premise of clearing every level by matching and removing all the parading birds, players earn coins to cash on construction projects to build a better Bird Town. Targeting and other special abilities can also be attained during various levels that increase resources for building and with Game Center connection and Facebook login options, additional resources and achievements can be unlocked.

While there’s plenty of “marble popping” games with a nearly identical design, Bird’s Town Deluxe has some unique animations and sound that make it one of the more eye-catching versions with a pretty high cuteness factor. After all, popping groups of marching birds and setting them free is considerably more appealing than simply busting up marbles. And don’t miss the special “Kodak” moments captured at the end of each level as the final bird group is freed.

If Bird’s Town Deluxe doesn’t make you smile, even if only on the inside, then not much will. It’s familiar, but clever and engaging all at the same time and the added aspect of using resources earned by beating levels as a means to build a happy little town for your feathered friends is added game value. Start your town with a humble abode that prevents avian homelessness and then build it up to include a school to make them smarter, a bakery to make them happier and so on. Beat all 120 levels and you should have a thriving, cat-free community for your birds to dwell in.

Bird’s Town Deluxe is entertaining and simple, with no complicated controls or sensitive glitches – just pure tap and play fun for nearly any skill level. The levels do get more challenging as they progress, but the fun remains the same. Bird’s Town Deluxe is available for iPhone and iPod Touch and there is also a free, Lite (but limited) version to get you started. An HD version is also available for iPad.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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