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Black Box Touch
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black box touch iphoneBlack Box Touch, from 2 Tots Entertainment, is based on Black Box, a computer game so old that whenever bugs were found in it they were often moths and cockroaches.

Black Box Touch is what most people call a "hide-and-seek" game, where the object is to uncover hidden objects, most often through process of  elimination. In Black Box Touch your mission is to find balls (or atoms in other versions) hidden inside a grid, while racing the clock. The grid can be anywhere from 5 x 5 to 10 x 10 squares.

In Black Box Touch there can be anywhere from 4 to 12 hidden balls, some have more or less reflective surfaces than others.

To find one of these hidden balls, requires your firing a pulse of light (or laser or ray) from the edge of the grid and watching where it exits the grid if and when they hit a hidden ball. You have the option of triggering the pulse momentarily or continuously. You also have the option to set the light beam's entry and exit flare.

Trigger a beam by touching one of squares surround the grid. If the beam fails to hit a hidden ball, it will remain red. If the beam hits a hidden ball, it will turn green. If it's green, take a ball from your tray and place it where you believe the hidden ball to be.

Black Box Touch (and all its variations) have indicators that guide you in determining where balls are hidden. Without overwhelming you with too many details, Black Box Touch has indicators for deflections, hits and reflections. Observing what these indicators are helps you find the hidden balls.

Black Box Touch is one of those games that often can be solved in different ways and none is necessarily better than the other.

Despite its early origins, Black Box still remains a fascinating game concept.  It was hard for me to figure out and play (it still is). Black Box Touch reminds me of playing chess, although it's nothing like it. It's that you really have to focus to do it and I'm just not very good at that.

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  • JKT

    To my knowledge, Black Box predates computers at all (at least home computers). I played it in board-game form in the early 80's, and never heard of a computer version on the PC's of the day (PET, TI/99, Vic-20, Atari, Apple II, C-64, etc.) I vaguely recall writing a BASIC version of it for my own use, but never polished it up enough to publish in Compute! or other such mags of the day.

  • http://editorialengine.com Michael Alexander

    Yep, Black Box began life as a board game in the mid 70s. It was released as an Atari 400/800 game in the very late '70s. That machine ran BASIC, I think, which would suggest that it would have turned up on other home games in or around that time.