Black Friday Deals Makes the Day Even More Grim than Usual


The only thing I can think of that would be worse than being murdered in my sleep is paying retail, which explains why I like  apps that make it easy to find discounts as much as a crow likes shiny trinkets.

Black Friday Deals, is one of three similar apps on the AppStore (the other two are Black Friday and Black Friday Steals).

Black Friday Deals, from Xtreme Labs, Inc., is not worth the $0.99 I paid for it. In fact, I wouldn't want this app, if Xtreme Labs paid me to use it.

It's slow to launch, for one thing, and then it's slow to bring up the so-called "deals" that are available through this app. We're talking at least a minute over Wi-Fi to finally get to a product.

I didn't find any bargains either. Tapping on a Western Digital 1TG external drive, for example, took me to a site that sells this model for $170.00 plus shipping. There's wasn't any mention of special, "Black Friday" of "Cyber Monday" deals, so I suspect that's the site's usual discounted price.

Then I went to the site where I usually shop for computer gear and it had the same model selling for $160 with free shipping. That's the every day price.

I found the HP desktop in the screen shot on the left selling for $100 less than the Black Friday price!

I checked other products and the results were consistently the same: no deals to be found, anywhere.

I won't bother describing this app's features because it would be a waste of time (yours and mine).

Reviewers have unanimously "gunny sacked" this app, as David Letterman likes to say. The average for this app is one and a half stars and that's only because Xtreme Labs gave it four stars!

If you wish to go to Xtreme's Web site, don't click the link in the AppStore product description. It doesn't work. Click the link above, although I can tell you in advance, you won't find this app mentioned.

If you decide to venture out on Black Friday, y'all be careful out there. Me, I'm going to be taking a  nice, hot, sudsy bath with a glass of Wild Turkey Rye in my hand and clearing my mind of Black Friday Deals.

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