Blackjack Run Lite is a Free App Worth Checking Out


blackkack run light - iphone appsBlackJack Run from SeaHorse Software is a variant on the classical game of BlackJack where you play 5 hands simultaneously against the clock. That doesn't sound like much of a game, but in practice, the format is highly addictive.

The way the game works is that a clock starts ticking down from thirty seconds and a card is shown in the top right hand corner. Click on a row to assign that card to a specific hand - making sure not to bust. If you get stuck -- meaning the card will cause 5 rows to go bust -- you have one opportunity to skip a card. At the end of the thirty seconds, the 5 scores are added up, and you get points if the overall score is 95 or above (average hand of 19).

BJ Run is billed as "not your grandmother's blackjack" and AppCraver would tend to agree. We wish that they had this game in actual casinos -- or in a slot machine format -- where you could play for real money. In any case, if you are at all into card games, you will want to at least try out the free (lite) version of BJ Run.

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