Blocked is a Hard, but not Impossible, Puzzle

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Blocked puzzle gameBlocked is currently the number 1 puzzle game in the App Store. If you’re curious to see how it made its way to the top you’ll be happy to know it’s everything it claims to be. Blocked is an easy to use puzzle game that has you dragging and sliding blocks in every direction across the screen. While this sounds easy enough to do, you’ll hit a few road blocks before you master this game. There are more than 100 levels of levels of play that range from easy to down right impossible. Well, maybe not impossible but as you get to the higher levels it will definitely feel that way.

The object of Blocked is to slide the blue block off the board. Push and slide the other blocks out of the way to make a path to get your blue block off.

Blocked starts off with fairly easy levels. Before you can move onto the more difficult ones you’ll have to complete the simpler puzzles. As you discover the tricks to the puzzle, Blocked will automatically save each level before you move on to the next. If you lose you don’t have to start all over again and if you enjoyed the challenge you can go back for more fun.

Despite the premise, it’s not an easy app to master. Blocked will have you trying to figure out its puzzles until you force yourself to put it down.

The design of Blocked is simple and the layout is uncluttered. Blocked has cartoon-esque graphics that are fun and cool. Don’t worry about a pesky timer or an over-the-top soundtrack to make you anxious. This app doesn’t include either. If you need music to stimulate your brain you can always pop on your iTunes. I enjoy the fact that there is no counter for moves or timer. But this might be a nice option to turn on or for those really looking to challenge themselves.

Blocked does so many things well but if there was one thing to add I’d like to see the option to change the blocks to different themes. Keeping up with its simple design they could be iron, wood, or stone. Just add that to our wish list. The game seems pretty stable and never froze any of the ten times I played with it.

Overall, Blocked is an excellent game. It’s simple, challenging and highly addictive. It's also a great bargain considering the quality of the game and the endless hours you're likely to spend trying to figure it out.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Jim Hunter

    Absurdly addicting game. Also can be intensely frustrating to the point where you think the author has created an unsolvable puzzle just to drive you insane!

  • Wake_Up

    There are 100 levels.
    The biggest frustration is what to do after you complete all 100 levels.
    Where can I get the next 100 levels?????????

  • claudia

    is # 33 on blocked impossible... I can't get it!

  • blocked addict

    Claudia--i'm stuck on it, too! driving me nuts! Any clue will be appreciated :)

  • Lisa

    Do you mean level 34? I got through 33 fine, but 34 is impossible!

  • Lisa

    Oops. Nevermind. I just got it, although I'm not exactly sure how.

  • Hdg

    Level 34!!!!!

  • Some guy

    Help I'm stuck on level 64

  • mimic

    i cant get 64 what the hell. how do you do it?

  • Jake

    i cant do level 64 someone help before i go insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Euan

    a tip for you all.. say if you moved a block, let's say block1, one space to the left. and then in the space you have created you move another block, let's say block2, up into the new space that half of block1 filled, if you 'hold' on to block 2 and then press reset when still holding block 2, the level will reset but you can still move block 2 one space up even though block1 is in it's original position. effectively the blocks overlap!

  • TheRemster

    Euan - it's called a bug, not the solution to a puzzle.

    Minic + Jake - apparently there's a YouTube video with hints on how to solve 64. Head back to the Blocked page in the App Store for details

  • Alix

    I can't get past level 33!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!! Ease :)

  • Wrestler

    I can't get level 33

  • silomat

    blocked on 64 ! F....!

  • HungTran

    It is not difficult if you find some rule ^^. It's become easy, i passed level 72 :)

  • Andreas

    blocked on 64 !! 3 Months ..... S..t!
    Greets from Germany