Blue Attack! Takes the Battle for Space to the Enemy

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Blue Attack!
Developer: Cat in a Box Games
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blue attack iphone appBlue Attack, from dev John Kooistra, is a retro space shooter that draws on the 2-D graphics and traditions of some of the great arcade games of the past.

Blue Attack is the sequel to Blue Defense ($1.99), a much simpler game, in which you defend your turf. As Blue Attack's title suggests, this time you take the battle to the enemy.

The back story is that you're the Blue Squadron and your mission is to destroy the Red Invaders, which are converging on the mothership.

Blue Attack has so many features and options that it's difficult to know where to start. First, the easy stuff: this game is intense. This game is addictive. This game will keep you busy for a long time.

You have the option of using touch or tilt controls. Although tilt control is not as responsive as touch control, I prefer it because the screen is busy enough with everything going on and your finger only gets in the way of the action. If you opt for tilt control, you can calibrate the accelerometer.

Blue Attack has two modes: Infinite, in which you attempt to last as long as possible, and Campaign, in which you wage war against the enemy and destroy everything in your sights. The premise is simple but you have several ways to accomplish your goals with upgrades, of which there are several.

You have options for the types of weapons, blast radius and force of bombs, number of wingmen, ship speed and direction and more. After you beat a level, upgrade your weapons, add more wingmen (up to eight) and add other capabilities you'll need to tackle the next level. Among your other options is the ability to increase your ship speed, boost speed, adjust your strafe movement (move in any direction while keeping your ship faced dead ahead), blast radius of bombs and their power.

While you're busy blasting away, collect resources (parts from exploded objects) and use them to "buy" your upgrades.

You can also remap action icons, which represent features and tools of space warfare, and shift them from one side of the screen to the other.

As you would expect, you also have the options of adjusting the volume of the background music and SFX. Use System settings to flip the screen 180 degrees and turn off vibration.

The tutorial is comprehensive and you'll be blasting away in little time. There's also a tutorial reference section too that you can access in mid-game to refresh your memory about what each icon does. It's a terrific feature in the early going because I found it hard to recall what all the buttons did.

Check out Blue Attack in action.

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