BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth Headset: Excellent Audio Quality in a Lightweight Package


blueant-v1-bluetooth-headset-for-iphoneBlueAnt V1 Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3G, iPhone – I haven’t been a big fan of Bluetooth headsets. I’ve tried a couple and I’ve never managed to get comfortable with them. Anyway, walking around with a gadget jacked into the side of my head when I’m not using it reminds me too much like wearing a pocket protector or a pager on my belt.

Blueant V1 Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset changed my mind. I love this thing. It’s tiny and unobtrusive and it doesn’t make me feel like a dork. It’s so light you’ll forget it’s hanging off that funny-looking blob of cartilage on the side of your head that you think passes for a human’s ear. Better still, the audio quality is excellent.

The BlueAnt V1 is a voice-controlled headset that does not require training, which in itself makes it unique.  Pushing one button activates voice recognition and gives you control of all the functions of the V1,  merely by your speaking. If you need assistance, ask for it and the headset will verbally help you get the commands you want.

Fire BlueAnt V1 up the first time and you get audible instructions on how to pair it with your iPhone and how to use it. If you need to refresh your memory, check out the glossy quick start guide or the handbook.

The auto voice dialing worked pretty well but not always correctly. I’m not sure why that is but I suspect it has something to do with my having several contacts, each with at least a couple of telephone numbers. Even I get confused.

BlueAnt claims its headset has up to 10 meters of RF coverage, but it didn’t perform anywhere near as well as that in open space (no walls to pass through).

As long as you’re within 5-10 feet of your iPhone, the sound will be terrifically clear. There’s  no noticeable difference than speaking directly into the phone’s mouth, according to the people I’ve been calling. In fact, it often sounds clearer on both ends, thanks to noise suppression and echo cancellation tech.

BlueAnt claims up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time. I’m still working on finding out whether those claims hold up.

I like being able to charge the BlueAnt V1 through a USB port or with the supplied wall charger,  just like my iPhone. I also like it has a shirt clip so I can keep it handy when I’m not using it, thereby making me look less like an Okie. You get four ear ear tips – two rubber, two foam. I found one that fits fine.

MSRP is $129.99. You can pick it up in our iPhone Accessories store for about $70.

My only real complaint is the BlueAnt V1 came in plastic packaging so thick that it was capable of withstanding a blast from a blowtorch wielded by one of the guys on American Choppers.

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