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Blyx Alien Puzzle (AppStore Link)
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Blyx Alien Puzzle
Developer: Pearl Fisher Games
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Blyx for iPhoneBlyx – Good-quality, casual games should be easy to learn and play, yet be compelling enough to keep you engaged while you’re waiting for a bus, standing in line at the supermarket or just killing time.

You want a game with simple rules and one that doesn’trequire any commitment on your part. Play it, put it down, pick up from where you left off. It's that simple.

Blyx, from Pearl Fisher Games, falls into that category. It’s so simple to play that it takes far longer to explain than it takes to learn. It’s also engaging enough to appeal to youngsters and adults, no matter where they decide to play.

All you have to do is to complete a picture  by tapping on a predetermined number of tiles to complete a picture. You begin with a 4 X 4 grid of tiles, some of which are in color and others in grey. Together, they comprise a picture of an alien life form. Blyx's puzzles make up a kind of photo album of aliens, when I think about it.

The object is to tap each tile as few times as possible to complete the picture. Each level – of which there are six --  is progressively harder and requires more steps to complete successfully. Each level has 16 puzzles, for 96 in all.

Tapping a tile turns it from grey to color; the problem is that adjacent colored  tiles may turn grey at the same time. The trick is to turn over the right tiles in the right sequence to solve the puzzle.

Image Gallery: Blyx Alien Puzzle

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