Bomberman Touch 2- Volcano Party is Still a Let Down

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Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Price: $3.99 Download on the App Store

bomberman-2-iphone-appBomberman Touch 2- Volcano Party was originally launched in the US in 1987 and since then has come out in 60 versions for nearly every game platform. Hudson Soft, the developer, says that it has sold more than 10 million copies.

Bomberman Touch 2-Volcano Party for the iPhone and iPod touch is nearly identical to the earlier versions and the object is the same as it ever was:  Strategically place bombs to blow up boulders and grab power ups or other goodies.

This is the second Bomberman Hudson Soft has released into the App Store. The first, Bomberman Touch-The Legend of Mystic Bomb, has been fairly well received although many shoppers have said they were disappointed the game's quality did not justify the $7.99 asking price (the main issues were the amount of playing time and the weak controls). On a personal level, I thought the controls were fine.

Hudson Soft must have been paying attention, however, because Bomberman Touch 2- Volcano Party is cheaper, yet, has all the features of Bomberman Touch-The Legend of Mystic Bomb. Some of the same complaints about controls are still there as well, unfortunately. I thought the finger-swipe controls worked fine, although I much prefer a virtual keypad.

What makes the two games especially different is the latest iteration features multiplayer controls either against the CPU or against another player via Bluetooth.

Bomberman Touch 2- Volcano Party  features a new Battle Mode for up to four players (including two CPU players), and a Challenge Mode that includes two-player action. In Challenge Mode, the user and other characters cooperate to avoid oozing molten lava and make their way to a labyrinth to defeat the boss waiting inside.

Bomberman Touch 2: Volcano Party will run on iPhone and iPod Touch (second-generation or later) installed with the new OS 3.0.

Bomberman Touch 2-Volcano Party is just okay, in my book. The problem is that I’ve been spoiled by playing the game on other platforms. I agree that it’s hard to move around because your finger blocks your view. The playing field — although graphically well rendered  — is too small to be practical. It’s hard to see what you’re up against, in my opinion. Not every game, even a classic, transfers well to the iPhone's small screen and this is one that doesn't make the cut for all but the most ardent fans. The $2.99 price is not bad, though.


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