Bonsai Blast Puts the Zen Into Shooting Marbles

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Bonsai Blast
Developer: Glu Games Inc
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Bonsai Blast is a zen-themed color matching puzzle game by California-based global mobile game publisher Glu, the company behind the app Space Monkey.

Like other color matching marble games, Bonsai Blast is highly addictive and a great game if you have some time to kill. The game's objective is simple —shoot marbles to match three or more marbles of the same color in order to make them disappear. Creating different color combinations will cause a chain reaction of marbles popping and the goal is to get all the marbles to pop before the chain reaches the end of the path.

While the game is simple enough for young kids to enjoy, Bonsai Blast gets creative in the 90 levels the game offers.

Some levels in Bonsai Blast will require the player to ricochet the marbles off different walls in order to place them right. Chutes turn up that will guide the marbles along the winding paths and some levels will make the player swap back and forth between different shooters in order to keep up with different rows of marbles.

The contradiction between the game's theme of a bonsai zen garden and the gameplay of blasting marbles in order to make them explode, works well. The music is soothing and unintrusive and the graphics are well developed and make Bonsai Blast a colorful game with enough diversity throughout the different levels to make it challenging and add great replay value. The simple touch screen controls are very easy to navigate and two game modes (Adventure mode and the never-ending Survival mode) make it suitable for different gameplay options. Overall a great puzzle game with versatile gameplay and a clean, colorful, and tranquil theme.

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