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bookworm iphone appIf you’re a word game fan and have never played Pop Cap Games’ Bookworm online, then check out Bookworm in the App Store. From the same developers that brought us Bejeweled, Bookworm is by far one of the best search and create word games around and having it available for iPhone and iPod touch is pretty exciting if you’re a word game fanatic.

Bookworm has made a seamless transition from PC to mobile device and just as with the downloadable version for the computer, Bookworm for iPhone displays the same rich graphics, easy to read and navigate screen, and has a few hidden surprises that I hadn’t noticed in the other version.

Bookworm features a library-bound worm named “Lex” who munches up letter tiles when they are connected to form words. In this version, simply tap on the letters to connect them and then tap on the submit button at the top. Word scores are displayed up top as the word is formed, allowing you to accept the word you’ve made or keep looking for a way to change the word for a higher score before submitting. Bookworm has two game modes available — classic and timed — and be sure to watch out for the burning letter tiles in each and use them before they reach the bottom.

In addition to the two game modes, Bookworm also has a bonus book list, which contains nine unlockable books with themes like body parts, pets and clothing. To complete the bonus book list library, you must make all the words on each book’s word list. Bookworm also stores word history, tracking three, four, and five letter words that have been made during regular game play.

Just like the PC version of Bookworm, bonus tiles and bonus words are given and a definition feature is also included, which I love. The definition feature can be turned on and off in the options menu, but when on, enables Lex to periodically spew out the definitions of some of the words you make.

Bookworm is perfectly designed for the touchscreen interface of the iPhone and iPod touch, meaning nothing is forced and you can simply enjoy the game. If you get stuck with your board of tiles and can’t find any words to make, simply shake your device to scramble them up. The accompanying sound effects and background music are an enhancement and will be familiar to those who’ve tried their hand at Bookworm before. An auto-save feature is built in to save progress in case of interruption.

While it’s true that Bookworm runs on the higher end of pricing for game apps, it satisfies the need for a quality word game in a single app and possesses just enough replay value and challenge to be well worth it.

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  • nondual

    finally! :D
    is there also a german version, as with the online game?

  • Michael Vallez

    I have played this game online and it is very fun. Seems like game app prices are on the rise, but maybe it is just for the solid content games, like this one. I guess it could be a way for the larger game developers to set themselves apart from the mom and pop developer per say. CM

  • Jennifer Beam

    Sorry, there is no language select option (not yet, anyway)

  • Drummer boi

    I have all them done but the one that has a ???
    On it this is on my iPhone can anyone help me
    I can't figer that one out thank you

  • beege5

    I have opened all the bonus books except one. it is between insects and pets. me and my friends believe that book has to have a catagory that fits in between i and p. Can anyone help? its driving me crazy!!!!

  • Drummer boi

    Yeah I am there to I need help with that one too if you find it out will you let me know? As I will you ... Thank you

  • Jan

    HELP!!!! What is the last book catagory? Someone please let me know!

  • beege5

    The last book is vegetables. The book I was looking to open was minerals. Start with the word zinc and it should open it. BUTTTT for sume reason I have put in "gold" 7 different times and it does not mark it off the list... I think their is a problem. That is the last word I need to finish the "shelf"

  • Jan

    Thank you so much. I guess I didn't word that right, I was looking for the book minerals. I have all the other book finished! Again, THANK YOU!

  • Sprouty

    Fun game but they really need to fix the problem with "gold" Appearing in 2 books.
    It's impossible to get all the bonus books until this bug is fixed.

  • frustrated

    i cant seem to complete the bonus book list minerals it wont take GOLD??? HELP!!!

  • jp

    talc, zinc, gold, iron, jade, copper, nickel, pyrite, quartz, silver, sulfur = minerals

  • Steph

    Yeah I just tried putting gold in n it won't work :( it's because it's in the color book so every time you put that word in, it thinks it's already marked off that other book and will just think of it as any other word

  • Tricia

    I have put in many correctly spelled words that are not accepted, yet many foreign words are. I can't seem to find out if this is an English based app. Does anyone else have problems?

  • Md Sa

    Yeah me too T.T

    GOLD is also my last word. :<<

  • Lee

    I have completed all the bonus book list. Is there a way to reset the list to start over?

  • Jane

    Help! I was playing this game on my ipad and I can't figure out how to exit the book list /more history page. I have tried closing the game and reopening it and it opens to this same screen. I don't see any sort of exit symbol. How do I leave this page to return to the game?