Booty Blocks a Tetris Lover's Dream

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Booty Blocks for iPhoneBooty Blocks is like Tetris on steroids. And it is just as addicting; possibly more.

While the concept is simple, Booby Blocks makes for some great fun. The goal is to group together blocks with matching colors. Once you gather five or more, a double tap makes them disappear and sends a batch of gold coins to add to your score. But unlike Tetris, there is far more control in manipulating the pieces of the puzzle. Tap and hold on one of the blocks, and they can be moved anywhere else on the screen —provided you can maneuver it past some of the other obstacles. Also, by tilting the screen to the left or right, all the blocks will slide in that direction.

But the additional controls do not mean this game is easy. While you will probably sail through the first few rounds, the blocks start moving faster and some wrenches get thrown into the mix. There are some blocks with iron sides that take two rounds of double taps to disappear. Later some TNT barrels appear. They are worth extra points by connecting them to a group and double tapping before they explode. To up the ante even more, some stationary metal boxes begin to show up which make moving the blocks and stacks around far more difficult. Add that to a faster flow of blocks and Booty Blocks will give your finger a solid workout.

The game gives you the option of adding in a tutorial where a cartoon pirate pops on-screen from time-to-time to give you advice. It helps in the beginning, but you will probably want to turn this feature off after becoming familiar with the gameplay.

When scowering the App Store for the game, be patient. You will find several choices when you type in "booty" into the iTunes search box. Ignore "bootylicious" and "booty call." Head straight for Booty Blocks and download this excellent game.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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