BounceMyX Offers Fake Bounced Email Notifications for iPhone Users

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Developer: Jason MOREAU
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BounceMyX for iOSHave you ever been in a situation where you opened an email and wished you hadn't? Whether it be contact from an annoying friend, previous romantic partner, former client or boss — chances are, you have been in a situation where you hoped you could just click a button and it was as if you had never received their email. To use a popular phrase, there's now an app for that. BounceMyX gives you the ability to create and send a fake bounce back email.

Yes, the ultimate communications excuse — I didn't receive the email. Plus, now you have proof in their email inbox saying you didn't. It would be even better if BounceMyX made bill collectors go away that have you in their paperless option clutches, but I digress.

There are the obvious emails that we'd all like to bounce such as an IRS audit request, you've been downsized firing, multi-level marketing schemes and anything from another country that starts with "I have a business opportunity for you..." Yes, these are all horrid emails that I'm sure we call can agree that we'd be better with out. But let's go further into this glorious app. What other mischief can we get into? 

How about a soon-to-be ex that just mentioned they broke your favorite mug. Bounce. A long lost classmate looking to reunite after years of no contact. Bounce. Your boss asking you to stay late or come in on Saturday (no way Lumbergh). Bounce. Oh the possibilities.

The app takes almost nothing to setup and is fairly simple in that you just need to have an IMAP-compatible account such as MSN, Yahoo, GMX, Microsoft Exchange or Gmail. So no, POP3 accounts are not supported. BounceMyX offers a 550 User Unknown, 553 Host Unknown and 554 Mailbox Full bounce types. If it were up to me, I'd add in a 751. Oh, you haven't heard of that one? Well, it's the 751 DNC bounce type. No, not Do Not Call, rather Do Not Care.

However, not all is smoke and mirrors. For the real sleuths out there, this app sends a bounce email from the user's email address. Real bounced messages don't come from the user's account, they come from the server email address. Of course, when is the last time you actually looked at where a bounced email came from? Probably not very often so the app will work for most of those volunteer requests. BounceMyX is available for $.99 in the App Store.

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