Bow Cam is an App for Photographing Dogs — No Joke.

Bow Cam
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Bow Cam "Resubmitted"
Developer: APPLIYA Inc.
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bow camBow Cam is a Japanese App whose sole function is to assist in taking pictures of your dog.

As the app notes point out, whenever you try to take a picture of a dog, the hardest part is to attract his attention. Bow Cam solves this problem by having a "bark" button right above the speaker button. Click the bark button, and your iPhone will bark at the dog, causing him/her to look straight into the lens. With Bow Cam you can even select what kind of bark you want — German Shepard or Chiwawa.

I've tried this out with my dogs and it works. Would I recommend paying $0.99 for an app to take a picture of your dog? That depends on how much you treasure your pet.

Update: Bow Cam has been "Resubmitted" (hence the new name) and now has 15 different barking sounds to attract your pooch's gaze for the snapping the perfect pic.

Image Gallery: Bow Cam "Resubmitted"

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  • Roxy22

    I have to get this for my Bam Bam. Whoever thought of this is a saint

  • J

    It's Chihuahua, not "Chiwawa"

  • ME

    there is this other picture app that is like that it is called "ears up" but i do not get it it is 99 cents what a rip off