Test Your Puzzle Logic with Boxed In


boxed in iphone appBoxed In is a new logic based puzzle available in the App Store that pretty much encompasses all that a logic puzzle should be. Boxed In has increasingly difficult levels with a simple objective made challenging by specific rules of limitation.

With Boxed In you get 50 levels that feature a quirky little robot that must collect cog wheels before exiting each level. You control the robot, who is limited to only pushing, not pulling, the boxes that stand in his way. Maneuvering around the puzzle board, players have to use the boxes to toggle switches that disengage force fields blocking the way while still collecting all the wheels.

When it comes to logic puzzles, I prefer a nice balance of challenge with minimal frustration. I rather enjoy those “aha!” moments when I stretch my logic just a bit to solve the challenge before me and I want a game that works with me, not against. Boxed In provides that balance of challenge with minimal frustration. Though there are a few things I think are missing, I found Boxed In to have longevity as far as game play and entertainment. In fact, as I settled down to play, it definitely sucked me in.

To control the Boxed In robot, you simply swipe up, down, or across on your iPhone screen to designate directional movement. This method of control is fairly intuitive and only causes minimal interference. Once in a while, an accidental touch causes an unintended move and occasionally the swipe controls become arduous in some levels, but overall work fairly well for the general design of Boxed In.

The levels in Boxed In become increasingly more difficult to solve, though the first few are pretty simple. This is good though, because it gives you a chance to become familiar with the game without being intimidated. I was actually surprised at how challenging the levels became after making my way past the first ten or so. There is a restart level button included to quickly start over if you get stuck, but an undo last move option is absent and should be included both for the sake of the puzzle and for correcting unintended moves.

Boxed in has an auto-save feature and you can scroll through to replay previous levels or advance to subsequent levels if a particular level stumps you. Boxed In also records solved levels with a green check mark in the upper right corner and lets you play music from your library.

Boxed In is similar in nature to Theseus, which I also found to be a great logic based puzzle. If you like the challenge of solving a puzzle that tests your logic against limitations, then definitely check out Boxed In. It certainly isn’t flashy or detailed, but it serves its intended purpose quite well.

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  • Frank

    Love the game!

  • http://OneManITShop.blogspot.com OneManITShop

    I'm addicted!!
    breaking my head on level 11
    anyone knows how many total levels on the full app (which is now FREE)?

  • Tim

    I love the game too! There are 50 levels on the full version; i'm stuck on number 20. Anyone know how to do it?

  • http://OneManITShop.blogspot.com OneManITShop

    I'm at 31
    for 20 you should start at the bottom and use the middle box for the blue sq. you can take it from there

  • josh

    Geeze im stuck on level 10! Can i have some help?

  • Xica

    I also love this game but mannn... level 20 seems unsolvable... and none of the boxes at the bottom of the screen can be used for the blue square switch since they cannot be pulled off the bottom wall... ONEMANITSHOP- maybe you have a different version or maybe I'm going blind, because i def dont see what you're talking about. HELP!

  • Zu

    I am totally stuck on level 20... I don't seem to be able to do anything with the bottom boxes because you can't pull them of the wall! Can anybody offer any help??

  • http://OneManITShop.blogspot.com OneManITShop

    the boxes at the bottom can't be pulled BUT they can move to the left and clear some room :-)

  • josh

    Aww come on 20 is easy. You use the middle box forthe blue square.... Then the rest just puts itself together

  • josh

    Anyone have any tips for 36 and 38?

  • Ani

    I came here frustrated looking for a walkthrough for level 20 too...and saw that just about every other person here was stuck on level 20 and there was no answer! after attempting this level for what seems like a thousand times, i finally have the answer to share with you guys!


    Start at the bottom. collect the cog. then, shift all three blocks on the bottom to the left. start with the box furthest to the left.

    then, go up around the left hand side to the top. push the block at the top of the screen rightways until it is on top of the second block in the 'pair' of blocks. then, push the left block in the 'pair' down one space. then, push the right block in the 'pair' of blocks until it fills in the green force field deactivator. collect the cog.

    now, going back around to the block in the middle of the screen, push it rightwards until it is over the space where the green force field used to be. go around and push it down until it is parallel to the blue field deactivator. then, lever it into the deactivator to deactivate the blue field.

    now, go to the north of the block closest to the middle of the screen. push it down until it reaches the wall. go back around the right hand side and push it leftwards until it reaches the wall. then, go to the south of the block (where the blue field used to be) and push it north until it reaches the wall. then, push it left.

    then, push it right into that red space....and run for the exit!!!!

    hope it helps :D

  • Kedge

    I'm stuck on lvl 19. any pointers?

  • Sue

    HELP!!! I'm going crazy on level 44. Any tips?

  • Sue

    Solution for Level 19

    Push box directly above you into the red square
    Go back to your starting point
    Push box to your right to the right two spots.
    From the spot you are now in
    Go up two spots
    Go right three spots (collecting the cog and pushing the box into the corner)
    Go left one spot
    Go up two spots (collect cog)
    Go back to your starting position
    Go up to red square, push that box into the green square
    From position you are in go right two spots pushing box against other box
    Go back to starting position
    Go right two spots
    Go up two spots
    Go right two spots
    Go down two spots
    Go right one spot pushing box into corner
    From this spot go up one spot pushing the box up against wall
    Go right one spot collect that cog
    From this spot go left two spots
    Go up one spot
    Go left three spots pushing box against wall
    Go back to starting position
    Go up three spots pushing box into red square
    The board is now open go collect your cog and exit 

  • Leroy128

    I'm stuck on 22. Help please

  • Leroy128

    Help please, how can I beat 22, it seems impossible

  • josh

    I need serious help with 36 and 38!! Any help?

  • jenna

    ima noob. level 5?!

  • Crazyelf

    41 and 44 seem impossible 2 me... But hat's off 2 the crew! A real
    mind teaser! Love the game but beware! IT GETS ADDICTIVE !

  • http://www.boxedingame.com Dennis

    There's a handful of the most difficult levels posted on youtube. =) ... http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22boxed+in%22+level+solution&search_type=&aq=f

    If you're still stuck e-mail getsupport@boxedingame.com

    Thanks for playing! =)

  • Nancy

    another plea for help with 22! Seems you have to make a path all the way through the bottom left area that leaves room for the blocking block up top to come down and still let the robot through ... but it seems impossible. Must be missing something.

  • Jimbo

    Level 44 is killing me!!!!!!!!!! this is one hell of a gr8 game... Addictive!!

  • Bala

    Level 44.. Did it!!! phew...

    up, 5right, 2down, left, 2down, left, down, left, 2down, 2up, right, up, right, 2up, right, 2up, 2right, 8down, 5left, 3up, right, up, 2right, 3up, 3down, 2left, down, left, 3down, 5right, 8up, 5left, 3right, 4down, 2left, down, left, 2up, 2right, down, right, 3up, 3down, 3left, 4down, 5right, 8up, 3left, up, 4left, 9down, 5right, 3left, 4up, 3right, down, 2left, up, left, 3down, 4up, 3right, 3up, left, up, 4left, 9down, 3right, 3left, 9up, 2right, down, left, up, left, 4down, now what?! :P have fun ppl...

  • Matt

    friggen stuck on level 9!!

  • Julie

    Can't put game down.....now stuck on Level 24, a big thank you for the walk through on Level 20, so to keep the karma flowing here is my solution for Level 22.
    Move top right box into the orange square. Grab the cog along the right side wall. Starting with the top box on the right wall, move all three up along forming straight line. Get the cog in the bottom left corner. Mover robot around to the top box that is just under the green square in the top left corner and push all the way down. Next push the 3rd box on the right down. Move robot around to then push the box in the bottom far left corner. Next work the top left box around to the green square (along the right side) to unblock the exit.

    If anyone can help with level 24 would be appreciated!

  • josh

    Im realy addicted to this game. Im stuck on level 38 tho.. Any help?

  • katie

    I can't do level 10... ahh! Can someone help pleasee? Thanks!

  • chris

    level 24....
    2up, 2right, 1up, 1right, 1down, 1right, 1down, 1up, 2 right, 6left, 2down, 3right, 2up, 4down, 1left, 2down, 1right, 5up, 1right, 1up, 3 left, 5right,1down, 1right, 2down,2left,2down, 2 left, 1down, 1left, 1up, 1right, 5up, 3right,1up, 1 right,1up, 2left,1right

  • chris

    whats the trick with level 32?

  • chris

    i got it!

  • chris

    33 has me stumped.

  • Han

    Level 7 and 9???? I'm

  • Julie

    Hello, Any suggestions for 36 ??? Really need to put this game down!!!

  • Prashant

    Anyone solved 50 ? I am beginning to believe that it is impossible. I can give you solution for any between 1-49

  • Prashant

    And solved just after I wrote this. Great great app.

  • feeling stupid :P

    i did levels 2,3,4 and 5 pretty easily but i cant seem to understand the pushes nessecary for level one :S can someone enlighten me?

  • feeling stupid :P

    never mind DUH i figured it out... just ignore the comment :D

  • Mel

    I'm stuck on level 15..Can someone out there please help? Thanks!!

  • SUE

    I know I sound like a wuss but having trouble on 15....since you can only push cubes I'm finding it rather difficult to get all three boxes filled...have no problems with getting blue and green done but the red HELP

  • kelly

    level 32,
    L=Left, R=Right, D=Down, U=up

    1L, 5D, 5R,1D,1R,1U, 6L, 2U, 1R,1D, 1L,1D, 5R,1D,1R,1U, 3L,1D, 2R, 1U,5L,5U, 4R, 2U,1L,1R, 6D,1L,2D, 2R,1U,2L, 1R,5U, 4L,5D,1R,1D, 2R,1U,1L,1D, 1L,2U, 1L,8U,6R, 1D,1R,1D, 1U,1L,1U,2L,4D,2R,1D,1R

  • Stuck on 7

    I'm stuck on 7. Have done all other levels up to 10,
    but can't figure out the bottom (red) force field switch on 7.

    I can complete the top half of 7 just not the bottom part.

    Please help ?

  • Need help on 9

    Can't seem to figure out level 9. Anyone?

  • kelly

    level 15

    Sue, use the same block in the blue switch to put it in the red switch. You don't need that block anymore once you activate green force field.

  • Nissan

    Level 45 anyone???

  • Taz

    Level 45

    We got 4 cube here.

    Lets call it 1, 2, 3 (the three in a straight row) and 4 the one nearer to the green switch

    1. Push (4) up and right the down to bring it to green switch
    2. Push (2) by 5 square right (the opening between the hole), robot go to the right of (2) and push it 1 square left
    3. Push (2) all the way up and push (4) 2 square up
    4. Push (2) left 3 square, then go down and push (1) left 1 square so that you can push (2) to the yellow switch
    5. Push (4) back to the green switch
    6. Push (3) all the way to the right, the go below it and push all the way up.
    7. Push (3) 2 square right.
    8. Push (4) 2 square up then you can push (3) all the way down. Then push (3) 1 square left to enter blue switch
    9. Push (1) down 1 square then follow by push (2) at the yellow switch down 1 square
    10. Push (2) right 2 square and up 2 square and u can push it all the way to the red switch

  • Level 9

    I'm stuck on level 9 also. A little here please

  • Wheezer

    I'm stuck on 41!!

  • Chriss

    I am totally stuck on 32 and 34!! I feel so dumb lol

  • EvilClown

    Love this game, but Lvl 33 is killing me!  Any advice?

  • Nissan

    Need help with level 50!!!!!:(

  • josh

    Once again... 36 and 38.. Anyone?

  • kelly

    level 36
    L=Left, R=Right, D=Down, U=up

    1U, 2L, 1U, 1L, 1R, 2D, 1L, 3D, 1U, 2R,2D,2R, 2D, 3R, 6L,3R, 2U, 2L, 1D, 1L, 1D, 2R, 1L, 4U, 2L, 1D, 1R, 1D, 1R, 1U, 2L, 3U, 1R, 1U, 2R, 1D, 2R, 1U, 1R, 1U, 1R, 1L, 1D, 1L, 1D, 1R, 2D, 2L

  • Tommy

    Can someone please post solution for level 39, and level 40, having alot of trouble, any help would be awesome..

    thanks in advance

  • Michael

    Ya I'm stuck on level 38 too

  • Michael

    Hey Tommy, just beat 39 and 40...I will help you with those if you help me with 38.

  • josh

    Thanks a lot for level 36! That helped me out

  • kelly

    level 38,

    First collect all your cogs then go to bottom of second column. Push the bottom left block to first column. move to first column and push the block all the way to the bottom so you make a room to walk around between columns. Now move the robot to bottom of 3rd column and push the bottom block to the left. move your robot to the second column and push the block all the way to the bottom of second column. Move your robot to the last (4th) column push the block to the left and bring it down to the red switch. After that it should be a breeze...

  • Frunkmenow

    Need help on level 10 please!!!!

  • http://www.boxedingame.com Dennis

    Level 9 is a little tricky. Push a box on the blue switch. Then you are free to pass through the blue gate and collect the 2 gears. Then, push the box off of the blue switch and on to the yellow or red switch =)

  • kelly

    level 10,
    L=Left, R=Right, D=Down, U=up

    1D, 4L, 1U, 1L,1R,1D,1R, 4D,1R,1D, 2L,3R, 2D, 1R, 1L,2U, 4L, 2D, 2U,2R, 5U, 1L, 1U, 1L, 1U, 2R, 6D, 1R,1D, 2L

  • Frunkmenow

    Thanks Kelly

  • Jeff

    Need help with 46 got the other ones need help plz

  • JOhn

    anyone can help me on 33......

  • http://Www.thisinfoisfake.com Mike

    Help on level 23 plz

  • Moron

    Ummmmm, I can't even get through Level 1. I push all of the boxes forward, and now I can't get to the exit, and the boxes don't seem to move sideways. Levels 2-5 were no problem, but it won't let me move on until I get Level 1.

  • kate

    level 18 anyone??? stuck!!

  • Carrie

    I am stuck on level 24....anyone help?

  • frunkmenow

    need help with 29

  • Still feeling stupid

    Okay. It must be me. Just got the game last night. Did levels 2 through 5. Totally stuck on Level 1. I must be missing something very obvious. Any help?

  • kate

    for level one just push box one across, then the third one down.. then push the second one up.. make sense now?

  • kate

    mega stuck on 31.. help??

  • Still feeling stupid

    Ugh. Still not making sense. If I push box 1 right one space, there is no place to push down box 2 (it is already against the bottom wall ).

  • Still feeling stupid

    Box 2 is against box 3 that is. Wow, really stupid now!

  • Keri

    level 1:

    put first and third box to the right, go under box 2 and push up and exit

  • Still feeling stupid

    I am thinking I have a diabolical level 1. There are three boxes blocking the exit. There is only one space between the boxes and that exit. blocks 1 and 3 are against the top and bottom wall and box 2 is between them. All I can do is move any Or all of those boxes one space to the right. There appears to be no way to get behind any of them to push them up, down or over to the left. Would REALLY appreciate help or else I am doomed!

  • Nancy

    You're so close. it's the middle one that's in your way, right? So do something with the other two that lets you get the middle one *out* of your way.

    (I'd just tell you the answer, but honestly, you'll kick yourself once you see it.)

  • Nancy


    Pick up the two bottom gears. Where there's the vertical row of three boxes with one to the right, push the right-hand one down. Then push the middle box of the three all the way to the left and go around to push it into the red square.

    Go beneath the highest box and push it up. Go around to its right and push it one spot left. There's a box two spots below that. Go to its left and push it right one, then circle around on top and push it down one. You should now be able to easily maneuver it into the blue square. Go collect your gears.

    Finally, push the topmost box two more squares left, circle around under it, and push it all the way up to the yellow square, and exit.

  • frunkmenow

    I really need help on 29

  • Nancy


    Go over and arrange the boxes along the right wall to allow a turn in the upper right corner (push the upper one down a spot, in other words). To your left are a pair of boxes adjacent to each other. Push the leftmost one down, then push the right one all the way over to the right. Go around via the blue square and push that box up and into the red square.

    along the left wall, push the upper block down until it contacts the bottom block, then grab the gear. Push the free block in the middle to the right until it's in the blue square. go through the new opening to push the lowest block right, above the yellow square. Go all the way around and slide that one home. Go get your gear.

    Push the block that's currently in the blue square all the way left, then up and into the green square. Circle around the far right and push the last free block up into the blue square, and exit.

  • Still feeling stupid

    Clarity achieved. So simple once you see it. Thanks!

  • Lauren

    Love this game just can't get through 18. I can figure out how to block two of the "deactivators" but I can't get the blue one. Any help?

  • Bill

    I see a few people asking for lvl 7, but see no solutions. Anyone wanna help?

  • BIll

    nevermind. i got 7. I will post it if I can figure it out again.

  • Carrie

    I am stuck on levels 34 & 35! Can't seem to figure these out! Anyone help?

  • Carrie

    yip....nevermind...got it!

  • audiospirit

    LEVEL 50

    L=Left, R=Right, D=Down, U=up

    3R, 6D, 1L, 1R, 3U, 4L, 1D, 1U, 4R, 3U, 4L, 3D, 2R, 2U, 2D, 2L, 3U, 2R, 3D, 2R, 3D, 5L, 5R, 3U, 4L, 3U, 2L, 4D, 4U, 4R, 3D, 2R, 3D, 2L, 4U, 1D, 2L, 3U, 2L, 3D, 4R, 3D, 2R, 6U, 4L, 3D, 3R, 3L, 3U, 4R, 5D, 5U, 3L, 2U, 2D, 1L, 3D, 2L, 3U, 4R, 2L, 3D, 2R, 3D, 1L, 2D

  • Nancy

    18 -- Since it seems you're asking for more in the way of a hint -- I'm guessing you're trying to use the wrong three blocks. The uppermost block is a red herring and should not be used for the red spot. Push it all the way out of the way, then get the free gears. The ones you want to use to open the force fields are the one nearest the green square, the lowest one, and the rightmost of the three in that horizontal row.

  • Tammy

    OMG!! Lookink for suggestions for level 35


  • Lauren

    Nancy - Thank you. That was all I needed. =)

  • Chris

    Feel like an idiot but can someone please explain level 11

  • Tammy

    HELP 35 is killin me

  • Chris

    Nevermind. I figured out 11.

  • Still feeling stupid

    Level 7 guidance for that red switch?

  • Kimmy

    Need help on level 40!

  • Kimmy

    Stuck on 41!!!

  • Jullycakes

    Stuck at 49. Pls help!!

  • Kate

    argg.. ive figgured most of them out but 35 is really hard.......... i almost have it.. but then i dnt.. =(

  • Kate

    OK!! i finally figured out 35 everyone!!

    ok so boxes from top to bottom are 1,2,3,4,5. The box on the left in the second row is two.

    collect the two silver things first.
    move box 4 up 2.
    go collect the silver thing and move box 2 left one
    move box 3 across two,
    move box 3 across down one, then go around and put it on the green square.
    then move box one left then up into the red square.
    move box 5 down one, left 3, down 2, left 2 into the blue square.
    lastly move box 3 across 2, push it down 4, move it right 3 then push it up into the yellow square..
    hope it helps!!!

  • josh

    thanks a shit load for 38!!

  • Kate

    36 anyone?? =(

  • http://www.boxedingame.com Dennis

    Level 35 Solution. =)

  • YAY level 50 complete

    Levels 1-49 completed on day ONE and level 50 took 10 min on the second day =] all with NO help

    Not trying to sound like a D-bag but im just really proud that i did so well !!!

    Tips: Before starting any level take a look at the map and analyze before you move ANYTHING. Count the number of boxes that are actually useable and not stictly on the map to get in your way and just need to be moved to make space. A huge tip is that some color squares dont need to be filled to complete the level, they DO need to be filled at one point or another to get around the map and colect the gears, but dont need to remain filled to finish the level. A PERFECT example of that is level 15, where the two boxes on the right arent useable and the two remaining boxes are expected to fill three color squares (RED BLUE GREEN) this can be accompished by first filling the BLUE square to make a path in the middle to move the last box to the GREEN square, after the recently made path has fulfilled its duty the blue box can be removed from the BLUE square and into the RED square. With the GREEN and RED squares filled you can get to the "EXIT" and complete the level.

    Good Luck !!! =D

  • Ana

    Need help on number 7 plz

  • Help!

    I can get 43 any help?

  • Help!

    I can not get 43 any help?

  • YAY level 50 complete

    #43 was a bad ass... and sadly .... 43 is only one of 3 level i cant cant help anyone on.

    And for #7 -

    Right 3, Left 1, Up 2, Right 1, Left 1, Down 2, Right 1, Up 1.

    Thats how you start, after that on your way to the top half only move the box to the left upward while leaving the box directly to its right alone until you head back down... the box you left alone until now fills up the red.

    That should be enough considering its #7... lol... if i have to hold your hand ALL the way through #7 then you shouldnt be playing this game (no offense)

  • Mike

    can anyone post a walkthrough on level 25? that one has been a huge pain for me

  • Kate

    41 and 43 =(

  • Kate

    ok solution for 43!!

    once again.. boxes from top to bottom.. left to right are numbered 1-9 =)

    ok so go down and collect the silver things..

    move 9 completely left
    push box 8 as far as it can go
    push box 7 right one, then all the way up the top, leaving one square so u can push it back down later.
    push box 7 all the way across and down into the red one.
    move box 4 so that it should be in mbetween the green and yellow.. then push it into the yellow
    push box 3 across one, then up one into the blue square.. go back to box 7 and push it into the green one.. and its solved =)
    hope it helps!!

  • Jully

    Yay I got all!

  • Ed

    41 please, please, please! I can't go to the last level without it =(

  • Kate

    i just completed it all yay :D:D

    ok solution for 41..

    1U, 2R, 2U, 1L, 3U, 1R, 1U, 3L, 3D, 1L, 6D, 6U, 1R, 1U, 3R, 5D, 1U, 2L, 2D, 4R, 1D, 1R, 1U, 3L, 8U, 3L, 1D, 1L, 3D, 3U, 1R, 1U, 6R, 1L, 2D, 1R... =)

  • melly

    need help desperately on level 28

  • Mike

    ok got 25. i really need help with level 34 though

  • Shelly

    i need help with level 30 if anyone can help :)

  • Barry

    Level 17 has me stumped. Can anyone please help me? Thanks

  • Shelly

    got it haha

  • Carrie

    48 & 49 are all that I have left...totally stumped on both! anyone help?


    LEVEL 17


    2R, 1D, 4R, 1U, 1D, 5L, 3U, 1R, 1L, 1U, 1R, 3D, 3U, 1L, 2U, 1R, 3D, 1L, 5D, 3R, 2U, 2L, 1D, 1L, 5U, 1D, 5L, 1D, 2L, 1U, 3L, 2D, 1R, 1U, 1L, 1U, 3R, 1D, 2R, 1U, 1L, 1D, 1L, 3U, 1R, 1U, 2D, 3L, 3D, 4R, 1U GO TO EXIT



  • Shane

    Anyone know if it's possible to get "Boxed In" for Symbian? Wife instructed me to leave her iPod alone - I have a Nokia E71... Thanks...

  • Julie

    Hello -- Stuck on Level 48 and 49 !!!

    Have appreciated everyone's help so sending out the good karma!

    But for those who need Level 34

    L = Left U = Up D = Down R = R

    2L 2U 4R 1U 1D 2L 1U 1D
    2L 1U 1D 2L 2D 4R 2U 2D
    2L 2U 2D 2R 2D 4L 2U 1R 1D
    1U 1R 2U 4L 3U
    1D 2R 1U 1L 1U 4R 1U 1D 4L
    2D 1L 2D 4R 2D 2L 1U 1D 2R 2U 3L ...... THEN MAKE YOUR WAY OUT! ;)

  • level 33

    please help with 33

  • Nancy

    I did it, all 50 without help! (Even 22 that I had gotten stuck on a few days ago; woke up with the answer to that one, heh.) Yay!

  • Nancy

    48: The red and the green squares should not be filled at the same time, but rather sequentially. Does that help?

    49: Ugh, that one was nasty. A hint: the block two spaces left of the blue square gets pushed *left*, all the way to the wall and down out of the way. It's the block originally one diagonal space down and left of the blue square that winds up in it.

    33: Red herrings galore. Tackle the bottom area by pushing the box nearest the green square down two and out of your way, and see if that clears things up any.

  • hungsolo

    Julie Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 7:24 am
    Hello — Stuck on Level 48 and 49 !!!

    Have appreciated everyone’s help so sending out the good karma!

    But for those who need Level 34

    L = Left U = Up D = Down R = R

    2L 2U 4R 1U 1D 2L 1U 1D
    2L 1U 1D 2L 2D 4R 2U 2D
    2L 2U 2D 2R 2D 4L 2U 1R 1D
    1U 1R 2U 4L 3U
    1D 2R 1U 1L 1U 4R 1U 1D 4L
    2D 1L 2D 4R 2D 2L 1U 1D 2R 2U 3L …… THEN MAKE YOUR WAY OUT

    This will not work,
    2L 2U 4R 1U 1D 2L 1U 1D
    2L 1U 1D

    if you go 2L, you can't go 2D???

    Please Help...

  • http://gamevideospot.com/ .
  • newbee

    Okay I also think the posted solution for level 34 is off, the 2L option puts you in the red square. Still working on puzzle will post if I figure it out!

  • Frunkmenow

    I need help with 39 please and thank you

  • Marcella

    Please please please help on 16

  • julie

    Here is revised level 34 .... sorry about that....eyes getting a little crossed.....

    2L 2U 4R 1U 1D 2L 1U 1D
    2L 2D 4R 2U 2D
    2L 2U 2D 2R 2D 4L 2U 1R 1D
    1U 1R 2U 4L 3U
    1D 2R 1U 1L 1U 4R 1U 1D 4L
    2D 1L 2D 4R 2D 2L 1U 1D 2R 2U 3L …… THEN MAKE YOUR WAY OUT

  • Aaagh!!

    48 is killin me! Any help?

  • Lou

    level 7...please help. The other levels in the top 10 were pretty easy, but there must be something really obvious that I am missing on level 7. Help please.

  • Lou

    Never mind...I got it

  • Vamsi

    Here Goes LEVEL 48 !!!!! It was not as hard as I thought.

    1U - 3L - 2D - 2L - 2U - 4R - 3L - 2U - 1L - 2U - 2D - 1R - 2D - 3R - 1D - 2R - 2U - 2D - 2L - 1U - 3L - 2U - 1L - 3U - 7R - 2D - 1L - 3D - 2U - 2L - 2U - 1L - 1U - 2R - 1L - 3D - 2R - 5D - 1R - 3D - 3L - 3L - 2R - 6U - 1R - 2U - 2L - 2R - 3D - 1L - 3D - 1R - 3D - 1L - 1U - 1L - 2D - 1L - 1D - 1R - 3L


  • Soooo stuck!!!

    Everyones left comments about level 7 but no solutions.. Please help!!!!!!

  • Diane

    Level 49!

    L1, D2, R1, D2, L1, D3, R1, D2, L1, R1, U2, L1, D3, U6, R1

    U2, L1, D7, U3, R3, L3, U6, R6, D2, L2, D2, L3, U1, L1, D5

    U8, R6, D2, R1, D3, U1, L1, U3, D1, L2, D2, L4, U4, R6, D2

    L2, D2, L4, D2, R3, U1, D1, L3, U2, R3, D4, R2, D2, U2, L2, D3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Axel

    can anyone help with 39?? Thankss

  • Level 24 help

    Is it just me? I'm having trouble understanding the lvl 24 solve from Chris:

    2up, 2right, 1up, 1right, 1down, 1right, 1down, 1up, 2 right, 6left, 2down, 3right, 2up, 4down, 1left, 2down, 1right, 5up, 1right, 1up, 3 left, 5right,1down, 1right, 2down,2left,2down, 2 left, 1down, 1left, 1up, 1right, 5up, 3right,1up, 1 right,1up, 2left,1right

    Can anyone help me with figuring out this shorthand?

  • wizard

    Level 40

    1R 1U 1R 1L 2D 1R 1U 3R 1U 2R 1D 6L 1D 1L 1U 7R 4U 2L 1D 2L 2D 2U 2R 2U 2L 1R
    1D 1L 4R 4D 4L 1U 2R 1D 3L 1D 2L 1U 1R 1U 2R 1D 1L 1U 1L 1D 1R 1D 1L 1U 6R 10U
    3L 2D 1R 1D 1R 1L 1U 1L 2U 3R 10D 2L 1U 1R 1D 1R 9U

    then make your way out

  • Nancy


    Three blocks vertically to your right, number 1 to 3 from top to bottom. Push 1 and 3 right, then 2 up. Get the nearest gear.

    Two blocks above you, push the lefthand one up two. Go to your right and push that block right one. Go up, push that block up one. Go right, push that block right into the corner. Get the two remaining gears, lower one first.

    On the way back out of the upper righthand corner, push the first block you pass down two, the second down one. Circle around to below the last block you touched and push it up one. Circle around to its right and push it into the green square.

    Return to the block you didn't touch out of that pair referred to above as "two blocks above you". Push it down all the way, then right all the way, then down two. Circle around to its right and push it into the red square.

    Push the block that's in your way to the exit all the way right, then exit.

  • Nancy

    @ Level 24 Help --

    It's just directions on how to move the robot. How many spaces, and in which direction. Sometimes you'll be pushing blocks and sometimes not. It's wrong at the very end; after the "1 right 1 up 2 left", it should read "1 up 1 left (exit)", not "1 right".

  • iSki

    Anyone got solution to 39 yet, I am willing to help on any other level below that one :)

  • iSki

    Level 39 Solution,

    U=Up D=Down R=Right L=Left

    4U 1L 2U 2R 1U 1D 2L 2D 2R 2U 4L 2U 2R 6D 1R 2D 2L 1U
    1D 2L 2U 3R 1L 2D 2R 3U 1R 1U 1L 1D 1L 1U 2R 2U 4L 2D
    1L 2D 3R 3U 3D 3L 2U 1R 2U 2R 4D 1L 2D 2L 2D 2U 2R 2U
    3R 4U 3L 1R 4D 3L 2U 1R 2U 1L 1U 1D 3R 4D 1L 4D 4U 1R
    6U 2L 1D 1L 1D 2R 1L 2U 2R 5D 1R 3D 1R 3U 3D 3L 2U 1R
    1U 1R 2D 1R 1D 3L 3R 2D 1L


  • iSki

    Level 42 Solution,

  • iSki

    A bunch of random level solutions,


    Thanks to ThankYouDriveThrough!!!

    Hope it helps you with some of your mission of completing "Boxed In"

  • iSki

    @Soooo stuck!!!

    Here is a helpful video on that level!

  • iSki

    "Vamsi Says:
    September 3rd, 2009 at 10:08 am

    Here Goes LEVEL 48 !!!!! It was not as hard as I thought.

    1U - 3L - 2D - 2L - 2U - 4R - 3L - 2U - 1L - 2U - 2D - 1R - 2D - 3R - 1D - 2R - 2U - 2D - 2L - 1U - 3L - 2U - 1L - 3U - 7R - 2D - 1L - 3D - 2U - 2L - 2U - 1L - 1U - 2R - 1L - 3D - 2R - 5D - 1R - 3D - 3L - 3L - 2R - 6U - 1R - 2U - 2L - 2R - 3D - 1L - 3D - 1R - 3D - 1L - 1U - 1L - 2D - 1L - 1D - 1R - 3L"

    In line 3 how do you do 3L then 3L again, the yellow brick is in the way...

  • iSki

    "Vamsi Says:
    September 3rd, 2009 at 10:08 am

    Here Goes LEVEL 48 !!!!! It was not as hard as I thought.

    1U - 3L - 2D - 2L - 2U - 4R - 3L - 2U - 1L - 2U - 2D - 1R - 2D - 3R - 1D - 2R - 2U - 2D - 2L - 1U - 3L - 2U - 1L - 3U - 7R - 2D - 1L - 3D - 2U - 2L - 2U - 1L - 1U - 2R - 1L - 3D - 2R - 5D - 1R - 3D - 3L - 3L - 2R - 6U - 1R - 2U - 2L - 2R - 3D - 1L - 3D - 1R - 3D - 1L - 1U - 1L - 2D - 1L - 1D - 1R - 3L"

    In line 3 instead of being:
    "1L - 3D - 2R - 5D - 1R - 3D - 3L - 3L - 2R - 6U - 1R - 2U - 2L - 2R - 3D - 1L - 3D"
    It should be:
    1L - 3D - 2R - 5D - 1R - 3D - 3L - 3U - 2R - 6U - 1R - 2U - 2L - 2R - 3D - 1L - 3D

  • http://www.appcraver.com I NEED HELP ON 30

    I REALLY NEED HELP ON THIRTY! I have been trying it for the last TWO days! There are 4 box slots and only 3 usable boxes. HELP PLEASE!!!!

  • gubs

    The best game

  • jacob

    ok finally beat all 50!

    So for level 30 start at the bottom. Push the top one (of the two next to each other) to the left making sure to leave space to get to the opposite side.
    Go ahead and push the one you approached up to the yellow button.
    Before you push the first back to the right side wall, make sure the lowest box has been pushed left.
    So once you have it against the right wall push it all the way up to the red button.
    Go grab the gears in the top left corner.
    Push the block that starts off at the top to the left onto the blue button.
    Next we move the box on the yellow button down, go up and around to the left side of the box, push it to the right wall and up to the green button; head for the exit!

    Sorry if it's not very clear.

  • Shell

    Can some one please post how to get through levle 25? Thanks!

  • Jacob

    start by pushing the bottom one to the right.
    Go around and push the one on the left down.
    Go up and push one on the right up, the the adjacent
    one to the left one space. Push the two you have lined up vertically into the
    red then blue buttons.
    Go back down to the one on the left now and push it all the way right,
    then down all the way then right , then onto the yellow button.
    For th top, push the one on the left up one, the one on the right
    all the way to th right, grab the gear and push the one on top all the way right.
    Push the tensing block down one and to the green button, the get out of there

  • Jewelzz

    I'm addicted to this game and am currently stuck on level 13, grrrrrrrr

  • Paige

    Finally got through all 50... without any help. I really got stuck on 50 but figured it out on my own before I found the answers!

  • Dean

    WOW!! What a THINKING game! I just finished level 50! Not an exciting finish but happy to be done! Good luck!!

  • stuck on 17

    please help im stuck on lvl 17 please post a soloution

  • http://www.appcraver.com Whew

    Whew! Thank you sooooo much Jacob! I can finally move on!

  • http://www.appcraver.com Level 17

    Here is level 17. I tried my best to explain.
    First go collect the gear right above you. Then go to your far right and push the box into the bue space. Then go and push the box next to the green vortex thingy down 3 times. Then go to your left one then go down and around and push the box out. Then BEFORE you push the box up, go and push the box next to the button down 3 times. Then continue to push the other box upward until it goes to the button. Then go in the hole without the other box and push the blue button box down ONE time. Then come out of that area and then push the other box up 1 time. Then go around and push it to the right three times, then go down and around and push it to your left and then up and collect the gear. Then go back out of the hole and push the blue box up into the button again. Then you can exit!
    Sorry if you don't understand. I gave it my best effort! Hopefully you can do it!!!

  • http://Google.com Ryan

    Can someone help me with level 37ive been stuck here for days. Someone please help =)

  • TerriK

    This to say, 'Thanks!' to Kelly in post # 52.

    I absolutely love this game! I use it to de-stress from work and sometimes my brain is just fried. Level 36 had me and I wanted to just move on (I already finished the others in that set of 5). Thanks again!

  • TerriK

    Level 22 (I didn't see an answer to this in any other post.)

    The top 2 boxes are the ones you use to fill the red & green outlined spaces. The one on the right I'm sure you've figured out. Use it to fill the red outlined space. To be able use the top left block, you need to be able to get around the center island. On the left side of the center island there are 2 obstructions - one at the top and one at the bottom. On the right side of the island you'll need to move the blocks on the right wall a bit to get around them once you have the block.

    Deal with the blocks on the right wall first. There are 4 boxes along the right wall. Beginning with the top block on the right wall and counting downward, I'll call them numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4. Move #2 up to #1, (you'll get your 1st tool when you do this). Move #3 up to #'s 1 & 2. (# 4 can't be moved.) Now, go get your tool on the left side of the center island.

    Once you get your tool on the left side of the center island, move to the right to go counter-clockwise up & around the center island. When you get to the top left of the center island, there's a block beneath you that's obstructing your way going down the left wall. Push that block down to the bottom group of blocks as far as it will go. You're now on top of 2 rows of blocks (one row of 3 and one row of 2 blocks.) Move 2 spaces to the right to push down the only block in this group that can be moved. Push that block down to the bottom (2 spaces.) To move it out of your way, go back up and around the center island (clockwise) to get on the right side of that block and push it back against the left wall. Now you can get around the center island freely.

    You can now use the top left block to fill the green outlined box. Get above the block and push it down one space (against the top wall of the center island.) To be able to push it to the right, you'll need to get on the left side of the block (of course) so go around the center island to get to the left side of the block. Push the block to the right 4 spaces. Get above the block and push it down parallel to the green outlined box. Get on the right side of the block and push it into the green outlined box. You're now free to exit.

    Hope this helps!

  • jaybee

    Need help on 13

  • Tammy

    Any help or hints for level 50? There are instructions posted that are wrong above. Help!!!

  • Mary B


  • Daviduk78

    I have just completed this game and it is awesome I love this app please bring out more games like this I was hooked I love it :)

  • Marr Marr

    Hey guys! Could anyone possibly help me with levels 43 and 45?? Please??

  • S

    I'm stuck on 23! Help!

  • S

    Got 23 now stuck on 24 . The directions in posts 138 and 141 don't make sense to me. You can do the 2up and 2right but after that it doesn't work! Help!

  • Katiekate

    Level 37 solution

    R=right, L=left, U=up, D=down

    5R, 2L, 2D, 2U, 2R, 2D, 2R, 2U, 6L,
    4R, 2D, 1R, 3D, 5L, 1R, 1U, 1D, 2R, 1U, 1L,
    1R, 1D, 2R, 3U, 1L, 2U, 2L, 4D, 1R, 3D, 3L,
    2U, 4R, 1L, 2D, 2R, 4U, 2D, 3L, 5U, 2R, 2D,
    1R, 1L, 2U, 2R, 2D, 2L, 1U, 4L,
    2R, 4D, 2L, 4D, 1R, 1L, 4U, 2R, 4U,
    2L, 2D, 1R, 1L, 2U, 2R, 3D, 1R, 3D,
    3L, 2U, 2R, 1U, 1R, 2D, 1U, 2R,
    2D, 4L, 2R, 2U, 3L, 3D then exit, no more blocks to move :-)

  • http://twitter.com/sherrymain/status/3812823304 Sherry Main

    Stuck on level 22 of Boxed-In (iPhone game) http://is.gd/2YMf4

  • J

    Help with level 44 please!!!

  • Texas

    Im curious, those of you who have decided to oblige strugglers with a key to the puzzles , isnt this game supposed to be challenging and work your brain muscles...? I have completed all levels in the full version and never once needed assistance from another source. Just some food for thought

  • http://Www.ihearteddie.com Eddie

    Omg level 50 is insane.. Any help?! The others were cake compared to this last one!

  • Nancy

    Heehee, 50 was fun. A couple tips, if I'm remembering right --

    at the outset, there's really only one block you can move that will accomplish anything at all. So move it to where you think it'll do the least harm. After that, well, you have the choice of keeping some of those vertical passageways clear for moving around, but you can't clear all of them. Choose carefully which blocks you lock up and which you keep mobile.

  • S

    To Texas- the one who posted this comment
    "Texas Says:
    September 7th, 2009 at 9:37 am
    Im curious, those of you who have decided to oblige strugglers with a key to the puzzles , isnt this game supposed to be challenging and work your brain muscles…? I have completed all levels in the full version and never once needed assistance from another source. Just some food for thought"
    good for you. Do you want a cookie?

  • Mark

    Level 8 is killing me. I got 1 - 10 just fine... any hints that could help? I appreciate it!

  • Jeff

    What a GREAT game ! I've gone through all 50 levels... Is there a part 2 coming ?!

  • http://twitter.com/jasoncupp/status/3828381477 Jason Cupp

    Folks, its free til tomorrow, iPhone users need to get this good "waste time" App Logic game... http://is.gd/30zPf #fb

  • Eva

    I can't seem to get past thirteen
    any hints or suggestions???

  • Mark


    Currently finished the whole thing apart fro L47 it is starting to drive me nuts can anyone help???????

  • SanDiegoLaJolla

    Help on level 36?? I need it. I can't sleep or function without the solution.

  • http://Google Jack

    Did all but 49 help!! You tube would be much appreciated.

  • Megan

    Can anyone help with level 43? I tried the walkthrough but the box numbering is apparently over my head. Anyone that needs help with level 1... push the top and the bottom boxes forward and then push the middle box up or down (it doesn't matter.)

  • http://Yahoo Jack

    Finished all 50! Will there be more?

  • Mary B

    47 anyone?

  • http://41Anyone J

    Am totally stuck on 41, any help?

  • Britt

    What is the solution to level 11. 1 through 15 were easy until this one. Jeez!

  • milsyobtaf

    great game indeed, ready 4 part II...BRING IT!

  • JJ

    I used to play this on my Sharp IQ-8100 Organizer in the old days. It was called Box Jockey and did cost me alot of sleep ;-)
    Great to have it back in color on my iPhone!

  • robot uprising

    This is one of those great games that keep your mind limber while pissing you off at the same time. I really thought the developer made a few puzzles un-solvable, but keep at it and you'll pass them. You just have to keep doing different combos to get the result.

    Everything hinges on the first box you move. After a few tries you'll get the puzzle down to a science. Before you know it you'll get 40 or so under your belt.

    If I can make it to level 41 then anyone else here can!

  • BEE

    thanks jacob, but i can not for the life of me get to the left of the box that was on the yellow square to push it right, so could you clarify that? if the box is pushed all the way down, then it's blocked by a wall and stuck in the left "room", and the block "blocks" access to the same room if left on the same path as the first block.

    so stumped!


  • Ashley

    I'm stuck on level 14... HELP

  • Ryan

    I am finished thru level 45 but I'm stuck on 41. Can anyone help me?

  • level9

    Stuck on level 9
    i can do 2 boxes but stuck with either yellow or blue

    any hints

  • http://Www.cdbaby.Com/all/Luminositymusic SanDiegoLaJolla

    Level 45 has been a basterd. Blue and Red?? Come on!! Help Please. Thanks Kelly

  • The guy

    Level one r,r,u,r,l,d,d,r,u,r,r r=right l=left d=down u=up your welcome

  • yosh

    Just finished the game. 100% on my own. I actually thought that it was not that difficult. The only board that took me more than three tries was 45. Great game, but I wish it had been a little more challenging. It's plenty addictive.

  • dvb

    any suggestions with level 15, it must be me, because no one else had a problem....

  • I so need help

    I read through this entire thread. I STILL don't get how to get past Level 1.

    The three boxes can only be pushed forward once. Thats it. game over. No up and down movement possible.
    Can someone spell it out for me please?

  • I so need help

    Scratch that. Level 1 solved. OMG. I am an I-D-I-O-T.

  • clarice

    Can anyone help me with 32?

  • Jason

    Can someone please help me out here on level 13? It's driving me crazy!!

  • Max

    Totally addicted. I completed every level in less than 3 days except level 44. I don't think it can be done.

  • Dawn

    I need help on level 11. Please!

  • Dan

    Level 9 - Don't get stumped here. cover the blue squares...get the gears and then move the box to the red square and then cover the yellow. No need to have all three covered at same time

  • SanDiegoLaJolla

    Good. I'm done!!

    Had with three levels. I'm gonna start again, this time without any cheats.

  • Kayleigh

    I'm stuck at lvl 5, tried it over and over again but I just can't figure it out. Can someone help me out a bit?

  • Perry

    I have finished all the 50 levels! Yeah~
    Good game.

  • Jess

    Help w L30?! Thanks!!

  • http://google Chris

    Can you get a version of boxed in for the pc? Also, is there
    an answer for each level somewhere to check?

    Thanks for any help possible.

  • tdawgz83

    Has anyone had a situation they have been able to go over boxes...I just realized i could...dont know if it a glitch or what.

  • Mary Beth

    How do you solve level 12...UGH!!

  • Shahreena

    Help me stuck on 8 ... I must be stupid :s no1 else has prob with that level

  • Jewelzz

    Would love to know how you go "over" boxes tdawgz83

  • Anthony

    #98 for Kate's solution to level 35: There are a few errors. First, after you move box 3 across 2 spaces you will be moving box 4 down one space, not box 3. Keep an eye on the numbers of the boxes if you're gonna use this method. Second thing: after you move box 5 down 1 space, you then move it left 2 spaces, not 3 spaces. And lastly, at the end when you move box 3, you will have to move it LEFT 2 spaces to start. Her directions just say across. Again just keep an eye on the numbers of the boxes.

  • Anthony F.

    Kate's solution #98, for level 35 has a couple of errors. First, after you move box 3 across 2 spaces, you should be moving box 4, NOT 3, down 1 space. Second, after moving box 5 down 1 space you move it left 2, NOT 3 spaces. Finally, at the end you will move box 3 LEFT 2 spaces. It only says across in those directions. Be careful with the boxes when you use this method. Just keep track of them.

  • Anthony

    Sorry for double posts. Not being a douche I just thought it didn't go through the first time.

  • MDT

    Just finished level 50! Feels like a monkey off my back. Thought level 44 was the toughest - took me half a day.

  • Anthony

    Level 36 PLEAAAAAAASE!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Thomas

    Okay I'm desperate now!! This game seemed so easy!! I've been stuck on level 16 for 5 days lol. it looks so simple but Im having a ton of trouble with it...

  • Caz

    Took me a week but got through all the levels. LOVED the game, bring on the next one!

  • Lily

    Love this game!

    I'm stuck on level 20

  • Jewelzz

    Love, love, LOVE the new touch pad option!

  • Sreekanth

    Just finished all the 50 levels..!! Great game..!!

  • aemurphy

    Nobody seems to me having any trouble with level 12... I'm sure it's something obvious that I'm missing, but any help would be great! Thanks!

  • alex

    bug!! all 50 levels finished!

    move the robot and tap with two fingers above the level button and the repeat button at the same time...

    the level will be finished

  • Bob

    Level 47

  • boo

    I beat this game in 3 hrs

  • Anie

    Heeeeelp. Need 13..oh pleeeeese

  • Jeff Benjamin

    I got through all 50. There's a congratulations screen at the end where they claim their own testers couldn't get through all 50.

    There were a few that took me a day or 2 - frustrating. But!, if you KNOW that there IS a way to solve the puzzle, just make sure you try something new each time you play it. You'll eventually get through. To the person claiming to be stuck at #50... that was far from the most difficult puzzle. For some reason, I thought #44 was the toughest (until I got through it). Sometimes you can visualize the solution - sometimes you can't, and you have to keep trying knew ways. But there is indeed a solution for EACH puzzle.

    I hear they're going to release a 2nd Level (2nd game). Should be fun - Again!

    Cheers!!! ...and Good Luck

  • http://Backofthenet Jovial john

    Done it. That was hard work. I assume this is the same amount of satisfaction from achievement people get after winning the Nobel prize, Olympic gold or an oscar.

  • BEE

    @jovial john - great comment!

    still so stuck on 30. found everything up to this point easy but the instructions above don't work for me - can't get behind the box that was over the yellow.

    any help on it would be greatly appreciated!


  • BEE

    @jovial john - great comment!

    finally figured out level 30. the yellow grid box needs to be treated just like the first box! amazing how silly you can feel after not seeing something for so long!

  • George

    More levels please! More more more!!!!
    BEST BEST game ever!!!

  • Rocky

    I really need help with 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EA

    Great game!
    I thought people might find this uselful...

    1D 3R 1U 2R

    6R 2U 5L 2R 3U

    2U 3L 6U 1R 1U 1R 6D 1U 2L 2D 2R 3U 2R

    2L 1U 1R 3U 1R 3U 1R 2U 1R 2L 5D 2U 1R 1L 2D 1R 3U 1L 2U 1L 2U

    2L 3U 1R 1L 3D 1R 4U 1D 2R 1D 1R 1L 3U 1D 1R 2D 1U 3L 3D 2R 2U 1R 1U 3L 1D 1L 2U 1D 4R 1U 1R 2U 1L

  • EA

    6U 6L 3D 1U 3R 3L 2U 6R 6D 4L 2U 1R 2U 1L 1U 1D 1R 2D 1L 2D 4R 6U 5L 1R 2D 1R 1D 3R 3D 2L 2U 2D 2R 3U 2L 3D 5L

    2R 4U 2L 2U 4R 2U 2R 2D 1R 1L 2U 4L 2U 5R 1L 2D 2L 1U 1D 2R 2U 3L 1R 4D 3L 2D 2R 4D 1R 1L 2U 1R 1L 2D 1R 1U 3L 5U 1R 2D 1L 1D 1R 1U 1R 2D 1U 2L 3D 3R 1U 1L 1D 4R 1U

  • Eli

    apparently i can't post all of them at the same time, so please visit
    for the full solution sheet.
    have fun

  • knowoneuno

    I'm stuck on 33. Still don't see a solution posted for it.


    I really need need help with level 15 Please!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Just finished level 50. What a cool app (and free no less).

    I'm waiting for the harder version!

  • pascal

    took me a few days but i finished all 50 levels.
    GREAT game!!!

  • finallydone

    @BEE a bit late, Eli beat you to it! :-)
    @Eli thank you!!!

    great game! if you're stuck, check the cheat sheet posted by Eli (or of you want to watch it the one from BEE) he solves all levels!

  • ARD

    Completed all the 50 levels ... feeling really proud :)
    This game truly rocks. Now I hope they had more levels!


  • petchem

    Just finished all 50!OMG,Gr8 game.
    Even the testers have not completed all 50 levels-quote when I finished the last level. I feel flying!!
    SOme levels have taken days. But some levels few minutes!

  • Clara

    Ahh this is so sad but can someone please help me with level 11? I can't figure it out!

  • Cora

    Just finished level 50. I love this game!!!! I am so dissapointed that it ends at level 50. I was ready to purchase the full app...I guess this was the full app :(
    Can't wait for more stuff like this

  • beeps

    It's a pretty good puzzle game. I think Decades is more original and more fun. http://bit.ly/NQ4Ue

  • camille

    I am also addicted to this game. I am on level 44 and I am stuck. I finished level 45, hard, hard, hard. Any tips on how to solve 44?

  • mj

    level 16 is seriously the bane of my existence. the two gears are impossible to get because of the red block sitting there with no place to push it. help anyone? please??

  • mj

    level 16 is seriously the bane of my existence. the two gears are impossible to get because of the red block sitting there with no place to push it. i've gotten through 20 levels except for this one. help anyone? please??

  • mj

    scratch that last post, i FINALLY got past my mental block. duh!

  • Camille

    Help!!! Help!!! Can;t solve #44. Anyone with the clue to solving this puzzle?

  • Alex

    stop bloody taking tips and do it your bloody self or what's the point?

    that said i've done every level apart from 46, someone help me it's driving me round the twist

    like when Ross on Friends can't remember the last State he has to find of the USA

  • SG

    Very addictive....Done will all 50 levels in 10 days..imagine that :-)

  • Jeanetta

    Thank you Ani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not get past level 20. Now, that I did it it seems soo easy. Duh!

  • Chris

    Clearly I'm the only one suck on level 27. Am I missing something really obvious as is usually the case with this infuriatingly spectacular game??? :-)