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Brain Thaw
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brain thaw iphone math gameBrain Thaw - I feel comfortable saying that there's nothing in the world that can't be improved at least a little bit by adding penguins. They're cute! They waddle! They... eat numbers? In Brain Thaw, they do. The math game from Groovy Squared introduces Newton, the hero of Brain Thaw and "the cleverest penguin in the land." (You can tell he's smart because he wears glasses.)

Newton, apparently, likes to snack on digits. (By which I mean numbers, not fingers. Don't be scared.) On each level of Brain Thaw, players are given a basic math rule, such as multiples of three or factors of 30. Simply double-tap squares with numbers that fit the rule and Newton scoots over to them, clearing them from the board.

Of course, Brain Thaw is not quite that simple. There are yetis about, and yetis enjoy eating penguins as much as Newton enjoys eating numbers. (Doesn't anyone just eat cookies anymore?) There are several different breeds of yeti, ranging from ones who just kind of lurk about and get in your way (but are easily avoidable) to ones who will chase you around the board or ones who will leave additional numbers in their wake.

To finish a level in Brain Thaw, simply clear all of the numbers that fit the given rule, without being eaten by a yeti. There are also special bonus squares from time to time, with things like "x2" or "x3" which will multiply the points you earn for a short duration, a "1Up" which gives you an extra life, or a small bomb which will blow all yetis off the board for a brief period.

Brain Thaw has three difficulty levels (although I didn't think the Hard setting seemed all that different from the Easy setting, honestly) and records your high scores. There's also the option to upload your high scores to the web, if you're into bragging rights.

While Brain Thaw is definitely really cute (the music's cute, too), I personally found it a little too easy to really capture my interest. This seems like it would be terrific for kids, though.

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  • MaryMeg


    I'm wondering; did you actually try Brain Thaw right up to the end at each level?
    From your review I'd guess that you started some levels but didn't complete them all.

    They all start out equally easy, but the medium and hard levels increase in
    difficulty more steeply and they have more levels in them. Also, there are more
    yeti at the higher levels, so calculating "equivalent fractions of 2/7 or 2/8" or
    multiples of 13 gets trickier.

    As well, at the higher levels, the range of potential answers grows too. The easy level
    might ask for multiples of 7, but not go above 100, while the hard level might be
    expecting you to work out if 271 is a multiple of 7. Finally, there are a lot fewer bombs to clear the board at the higher levels.

  • Christine

    I agree! I don't think this reviewer played more than a few minutes of each level. The game gets more and more addictive as you reach the higher levels, and try to do more complicated math in your head, as you avoid the yetis! This is a great game for adults. This seems as though this reviewer wanted to write a cute review, but was lazy about actually trying out the game!