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Brain Teaser Extreme
Developer: Uwe Meier
Price: free Download on the App Store

brainteaser iphoneBrainTeaser definitely teases your brain. Uwe Meier made this app a serious workout for your mind. Question is, how much of a challenge are you looking for?

BrainTeaser could prove to be too difficult for you. In this game, the user taps on squares to reverse their colors. When a square changes color, it also changes the color of the squares that neighbor it on each side. Your goal is to re-create the pattern that BrainTeaser shows you in the bottom left hand corner of your iPhone.

BrainTeaser’s concept is simple, but unless you are brilliant and patient, you will likely find yourself stuck. Your have to think ahead to how multiple square flips will pan out, and strategize accordingly.

My brain could not conquer this game. I stalled out on Level 3, and I am not alone. Many user reviews on iTunes complain of not being able to get beyond the first few levels. The time limit is a problem; with more time, perhaps a patient person could figure out the solutions to each level, though I am not convinced.

A note on functionality: When I did beat the clock in the first two levels, none of my results showed up in BrainTeaser’s “Hall of Fame” which I assume is for high scores. The Hall of Fame remains empty.

An update to BrainTeaser is due out soon (Version 1.4) which will offer the option of turning off the time limit. Since BrainTeaser is free, you can download it now, but I recommend waiting to play it until the update is available. As is, BrainTeaser is simply too hard for the average person.

* Editor's Note: BrainTeaser has been replaced by Brain Teaser Extreme in the App Store.

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