Break Lite has Great Graphics, Lacks Control


OK so looks like with Break Lite we are getting yet another copycat game – Break Lite is like Breakout. We are seeing a lot of those on the iPhone.

The first time I played Breakout was back in ’86. I was firmly planted on my cousin's couch as I was amazed to see a new contraption called Atari. Simply amazing. The first game I ever played was Breakout. So to impress me, a copycat game it better be good and I mean good, good.

Well Break Lite isn’t good, good; is it ok, ok.

First the improvements over the original Breakout:

Graphics – Looks like they pulled the backgrounds from the Hubble space telescope pictures. Really cool for a space themed game actually. Those pictures are great and the resolution is just awesome.

I like the blocks - they have this neat Japanese animation/Paul Frank theme instead of just being solid colors.

The problems:

It is all about the controls. This game uses one finger touch to move the ball and the paddle. The problem is that the paddle doesn’t move that well… So you move your finger and the paddle moves kind of sporadically.

Overall, well, kind of a pain in the butt, but with nice graphics…

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