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breaktouch - iphone appsSince the 1976 release of Breakout for the Atari, there have been literally hundreds of adaptations made of this classic game, most notably Arkanoid in 1986. Most deviate from the original in minor ways (Arkanoid's addition of powerups, etc). BreakTouch represents the most original twist on the Breakout/Arkanoid game model I've seen to date.

Like with Breakout and Arkanoid, BreakTouch has the player controlling a paddle at the bottom of the screen. The paddle is used to bounce a ball against blocks at the top of the screen. When a block is hit, it disappears, and occasionally releases a powerup or additional ball, which falls towards the bottom of the screen. Once the blocks are all cleared, the player moves on to the next level.

The main twist that BreakTouch adds to the standard formula is that the game is played on a cylindrical tower instead of a 2D display. At any given time, the player can only see approximately a third of the blocks at the top of the screen, and is required to maneuver the paddle around the tower to prevent the ball from falling off the screen. As you pass levels, you move higher up the tower.

Another twist is the use of a curved paddle instead of a flat one. This difference is a minor one, but certainly has an effect on gameplay.

BreakTouch is original, addictive, and fun, and is one of the better casual games for the iPhone.

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  • Fred Krueger