Brick-Breaking Competition Awaits with Splash Duel HD

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Splash Duel HD
Developer: Bigpoint S.� r.l. and Co, SCS
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splash-duel-hd-ipadSplash Duel HD is like a hybrid of Breakout and air hockey. In many ways it combines the best of both games and creates a very addicting experience.

Just like Breakout you must bounce balls off of bricks with a paddle. Splash Duel HD is set in an underwater world, so expect a coral background and the steady sound of the deep as background noise. It is fairly easily controlled, however from time to time it seemed like the paddle was not quite keeping up with finger movements. Instead of just racking up points by breaking bricks the ultimate goal is to get balls past your opponent to score points. When time expires the player (human or computer) with the most points wins the game.

There are plenty of ways to up the action during a round. By breaking certain bricks fish with extra powers are released. Included are  extra balls, lasers to zap bricks, racket-widening and shields.  Not all the aquatic gifts are positive, however. Some will shrink the paddle or wreak other havoc on your gameplay. The game's information section also displays manually activated bonuses, such as shields or other boosts to your skills.

Two players can either compete or play as a team in co-op mode in Splash Duel HD. The goal here is to work together and destroy all the bricks in each level. If you want to get a feel of how to play before trying out a game just hit the demo for a full demonstration. If you are looking for social features,  try out the Facebook connect option to publish scores and content.

Other options for Splash Duel HD include tweaking the difficulty, music and sound effect volume, language (Spanish, German and Italian are included) and difficulty. The default is set at 30 percent, so push it further up if you are looking for a more intense challenge.

Losing revels a significant spelling error:  "You loose." Perhaps Spelling Duel HD is next.

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