Use Brushes to Create Your Masterpiece

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brushes iphone appThe closest I've come to painting a canvas is the drop cloth I used the last time I painted the bathroom in my house. Steve Sprang's Brushes is just the thing for a guy like me who's more likely to paint himself into a corner than to create great works of art.

Brushes is a flexible drawing app that features three different brush styles of varying widths. With one brush, I can draw a thin dense line; with another brush, I can paint a broad transparent swath. I can vary colors, hues, shades density and other stuff that artists know more about than I do.

What I like most about Brushes is that I can paint over pictures in my camera roll. With Brushes I can draw hair on my bald head using a variety of different brush strokes. With the eye dropper, I can pick a background color and then dab over the distracting elements to make my handsome mug stand out even more. To work up close, say, to whiten my teeth, I can zoom in.

When I'm done, I can add this wonderful portrait to the other 65 similar portraits I've created and run a slide show for my family, friends and strangers on the bus to work.

Ah, who am I kidding, even with this easy-to-use drawing app, the best I can do is create neo-modernist abstracts influenced by the Dada and Op Art movements, which is a fancy way of saying "He has no clue."

But it's fun and Brushes will keep me amused for a long time. Who knows, I might even be able to actually create something worth looking at, like the wonderful pictures on Sprang's Web site.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Deborah Mends

    Hi Michael,

    I am writing to tell you that I enjoyed your article and hope you don't object to my having put a link on my blog to this article on your site.

    I have just published an article on using Brushes, and was intrigued by your reference to using it on photos in the Camera Roll. How do you actually do it? I was unable to figure it out, but it sure sounds like fun.


    Deborah Mends

  • Michael Alexander

    Hi Deborah,

    I write often for AppCraver, but I'm not an employee. It's not mine, which is, in ohter words.

    Launch Brushes. On yoru Gallery screen is an icon of a what look's like a Polaroid image in the upper left corner. Tap and you'll got to your Photo Album. Then, tap the picture you want to draw on and it appear in Brushes. Then, draw as you would do at the start of a blank canvas.

    Have fun!