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Bubble Pop™
Developer: Bapsoft, LLC
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bubble pop iphoneBubble Pop™ is the other app with the words “bubble” and/or “pop” in its name, not to be confused with Pop, Bubble Pop!, BubblePop, BubbleWrap!, BubbleWrap or Bubble Snap. Bubble Pop™ from Bapsoft is a great game that is much more complex than simply popping bubbles.

The goal of Bubble Pop™ is to match incoming pairs of colored bubbles with those already on the screen. Three (or more) side-by-side of the same color makes those bubbles burst and the others move up the screen to take their places. Because you can see the next set of incoming bubbles as well, you can strategize and plan ahead for your next move.

If you run out of bubbles in the bubble tank, you move to the subsequent level. If you run out of space for the incoming bubbles, the game is over.

I love Bubble Pop™. I am one of those people who likes to look for patterns everywhere: in the wallpaper, in the garden, on the piano. Bubble Pop™ is about lining things up just right, at times with unintended good or bad consequences. Bubble Pop™ has a retro feel and reminds me of playing Tetris, except the bubbles are moving up, not down, and the pace is slower. The one thing I wish this game had was a little more thrill, perhaps a more exciting goal than just staying in the game til the bubbles run out.

You can play Bubble Pop™ timed or untimed. I prefer the timed mode to add a sense of competing against the clock. The music does not grab me, but you can mute the music and still keep the moving-and-popping bubble sound effects.

I have found Bubble Pop™ to be highly addictive. How something so seemingly simple can suck you in so easily, I cannot explain, but I can tell you that Bubble Pop™ is one of my favorite app purchases to date.

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