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budgetcare iphone finance trackerBudgetCare, from Suponix, is just the right app for the dark economic times in which we live.

BudgetCare sets out to make it easy for you to monitor your budget, track your expenses and keep a watchful eye on how well you're sticking to your plan.

What's important about finance apps like this one is that it should be easy to enter data so you'll want to use it regularly. In other words, the app should work the same way as your mind works, and BudgetCare does a good job of that. It's quite intuitive and there's no learning curve, which probably explains why this app doesn't have a help section.

From the home screen, tap the New Transaction button, use the generous-sized number pad to enter an amount followed by category and date.

You'll find a long, pre-loaded list of categories and subcategories. For example, tap the Insurance category and you'll see subcategories for House, Car, Medical and Life. You also have the option of creating new categories and subcategories.

There's no need to set the date if you're keeping track of your transactions day-to-day, but if you do, there's a set of menu wheels to do that.

At any time, from the home screen in BudgetCare , you can go to your stats and view them by day, week, month and year. Choose one, and you'll see a tally of your expenses displayed as a bar chart, so you can quickly see where you stand on your expenditures as a percent of budget.

Tap the icon of a pie chart in the upper right corner and you'll see another graphical presentation of where you spent your paycheck for the day, month, week or year. Every picture tells a story, they say, and I can see that I'm broke.

You can also get a quick view of your budget in relation to your current balance by tapping the Budget & Balance button on the home screen.

BudgetCare is a neat app that anyone would find easy to use. Buy the app and enter its $1.99 price tag as your first transaction — it will be under Computer on the Category page.

It would be handy to import/export data from a spreadsheet and perhaps to add comments to some transactions, say, if you wanted to track personal and business expenses, but that's too much to expect for the modest price.

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  • Mary

    It is a super application! I just do not like the lack of recurring events. But in the new version, they promise to implement this. A very useful application for the registration of family embezzlement.