Buggled: Bugs Run Rampant

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Buggled for iPhoneLady bugs run amok in Buggled, a color rich game of finger smarts. The goal of the game is to hold down as many lady bugs as you can in a race against time before you move on to the next level. The challenge being that once you hold one down they all scramble to a different place on the screen. If you lift your finger even for a second you must start over.

Buggled allows multi-player gaming on the same screen and even saves your level. There is a jaw dropping amount of details in the 3D like lady bugs with their red shells and fluorescent blue lights. The high resolution background image of a bright green leaf with veins and just the right amount of light reflecting from its surface is pretty impressive too.

While Buggled seems visually impressive and challenging enough, the casual gamer will quickly tire of its repetitive and one dimensional gaming experience.

If you like instant gratification Buggled may not be the game for you either. Buggled doesn’t load very quickly. The game also reset itself many times during our test run. Buggled also feels very empty without sounds of any kind. This game would not only tremendously benefit from a soundtrack but some background characters would only help it feel less stale.

Gameplay in Buggled is not user friendly — especially for those with large hands. When you hold the lady bugs down it’s difficult to see around them especially if the tips of your fingers are larger than the lady bugs. This makes it more difficult to accurately play the game. If they lit up or turned another color game play might go a tad more smoothly.

Buggled doesn’t have a help area or a hints area. It only offers a few directions on screen. It doesn’t tell you how many levels it has, how to play with multiple players or how to challenge other people — all features the developers claim to have included.

After playing Buggled for about an hour it felt a little overpriced (currently at $1.99). This app is good if you want to kill a good 20 minutes, anything more and figuring out your entertainment might feel like too much of a commitment. If you really want to tie yourself up in a game of finger twister, we suggest Knots. It's free.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • roxy22

    I love the multi-player on the same screen. I have never seen this before

  • DominoFect

    Yea and the graphics are suuuper advanced for an iPhone app

  • Brian.kappa

    These are the cutest super heroes ever invented