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Bugs and Buttons
Developer: Little Bit Studio, LLC.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

bugs and buttons iphoneTo be successful, an app that claims to be educational for kids has to first be engaging enough for kids to play. Bugs and Buttons by Little Bit Studio is a kid-friendly, gender-neutral app featured in the App Store as a “best of” in the educational category at year’s end and frankly, it’s probably a well deserved accolade. Bugs and Buttons is colorful, charming and engaging and promotes both creative free play and early learning skills. Geared towards younger kids, this app features adaptive play that widens its age-range appeal, making it most appropriate for ages 3 to 7, though kids slightly older may still find some appeal.

Bugs and Buttons features 18 games played with – you guessed it – bugs and buttons. Some games are strictly for free play fun like launching bees from a sling shot or racing roaches, but others actually address early learning skills such as completing patterns, Counting, sorting objects and learning the alphabet. Because it features adaptive play, each game or activity provides the appropriate challenges while minimizing frustration.

As far as visual appeal, Bugs and Buttons has it in spades. Colorful animation, realistic looking bugs and terrific sound combine to amp up the kid appeal. Each game or activity is well-suited for kids and offers replay value. Games like memory match, tic-tac-toe, and mazes are all activity book classics and Bugs and Buttons gives them new life in a digital, interactive format. Simple to play, even on the smaller iPhone or iPod touch screens, most games require only simple touch and tap or drag and the interface is designed with small fingers in mind. Sorting and pattern making are included in a few different games and allow kids to practice these skills with no pressure.

Parents of younger children with their pulse (and fingers) on iPhone apps may have to sacrifice their device for large chunks of time, but Bugs and Buttons is an app worth handing it over for. It was clearly designed with kids in mind and delivers in both the entertainment and educational aspects – in fact, it brings to mind some of the smart board style games that teachers like to use in classrooms, but parents can take it with them on the go. Worth the $2.99 investment, Bugs and Buttons is crawling with fun in the form of simple games, collectable achievement stamps and kid-friendly style.

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