Builda the Re-bicycler, an Interactive Children's Book that Will Keep Your Child Entertained

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Build the Re-Bicycler interactive storybook for iPadiOS devices are changing the way people interact with the world around them by providing new and innovative ways to use everyday objects. The children's book genre, which hasn't seen an upgrade since the days of the pop up books, has been a welcomed beneficiary of the iOS revolution. Builda the Re-bicycler, a children's interactive book from the developers at Midlandia Press, offers a new and exciting way for children to interact with books.

Builda the Re-bicycler tells the story of the bike crazy town of Midlandia, where everyone uses bicycles to get around. The only trouble is that the citizens throw away their bikes the way we throw away used cans. The Midlandians will get rid their bikes for the tiniest of reasons, scratches or flat tires, and buy brand new ones. After years of being so wasteful the city dump can no longer accommodate all the old bikes. That is until one person in Midlandia comes up with a brilliant idea, re- bicycling!

The Builda the Re-bicycler app is an interactive storybook which reads itself, and offers a few hidden gems on each page. If you touch a few objects on every page they will move and bring the story to life. Touching the frog sitting on a lilly pad on page one will cause the frog to make a “rib bit” sound and jump into the pond.

Builda the Re-bicycler has two modes "read to me" and " read by myself". I prefer to sit with my daughter and read the story to her, but the “read to me mode” is perfect for older children who are learning how to read and may need a little help. I have read the story to my 13 month old daughter a few times. She sits on my lap and listens to the Builda the Re-bicycler story and interacts as much as she can. Any app that can hold my daughter’s attention and is educational at the same time is always welcome on my iPad.

Builda the Re-bicycler is only available on the iPad, and is probably for the better since any other iOS device would be too small to get the full effect of the app. The idea of having children’s books on my iPad is something that I am becoming obsessed with. It makes keeping educational tools easier and more efficient than having to carry around a number of different items. The other day I caught my daughter ripping out the pages of another children’s book that I read to her. I am glad to say that we will not have that problem with Builda the Re-bicycler, which has my daughter’s new favorite educational tool on the iPad. Builda the Re-bicycler is a fun and exciting way to read to your children and offers more interaction than a traditional book can provide. Overall I recommend the app.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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