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buka-hexage-space-game-iphoneHexage’s Buka is great, just like "All your base belong to us" was once great. Too great for me, though, but that's just great.

Buka is a glowing blue planet she-thing that you must maneuver past Mr. Sunshine, Mr. Sleepy, Red Ones and other assorted Baddies Hey, don’t look at me. That’s what they’re called. Baddies. They’re great, that’s all I can tell you.

To help Buka on her travels, you can turn to the “Yummy Green Pieces. For Health. For Happy Numbers!” and “powerful explosions and shockwaves” for protection.” It’s great.

You can finger drag or use motion control to get Buka to her destination—The Happy Place. Stop, I know what you're thinking. I didn’t make up these names. They’re great, that’s for sure.

It’s also a routine fly-through-space-and-avoid-getting-blown-up game that we’ve all seen countless of times. The only thing I can say good about it it's great!

You can foresee by now that Buka is a simple game to learn and play. It’s not one of those “easy to learn; lifetime to master” kinds of games either. That's great, I guess.

You have only a few options: Adjust volume for music and sound effects. The music is great. You also can switch tilt control on and off. I wish the sensitivity of the motion controls were also adjustable. That would be great.

I’m sorry, as great as this game is, I was bored as a penniless kid at a carnival within 15 minutes. There just isn’t enough variety or challenge to keep me interested for very long. I continued to play it long after to make sure I didn’t miss any hidden greatness, but no such luck.

Ah, maybe it’s because I’m crabby today  with the heartache of tsouris or something like that. Buka has been getting great reviews from other iPhone gaming sites and from Android users (who've been playing it on their handhelds for a while).

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  • ataman

    wat a rubbish review, were you hangovered or smth?

  • http://editorialengine.com Michael Alexander

    I guess you don't care for the Geico caveman commercials. I assumed many people find the "It's great"commerical that appears regularly during one of those shows where I'm already half way through a six-pack of Sam Adams lager.

  • Lord Lucan

    I'm with you. I read all the excitable reviews and bought this game, expecting something 'great', only it's the biggest load of overrated nonsense since... er... that stupid Crazy Frog or, indeed, All Your Base. No, wait, it's even more tedious. I'm happy for all those people who are so easily pleased, their lives must be soooooooo great.