Get Your Gambling Fix With Burning Monkey Casino

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Burning Monkey Casino is a great way to get in some Vegas-style action on your iPhone. Video Poker, Blackjack, slot machines and more await you. As long as you don't mind some strange-looking monkeys joining you for a few rounds.

Burning Monkey Casino's strength lies in its variety of chance-based games and its integration with the iPhone's touch screen. In the lottery ticket game, you "scratch" your ticket by rubbing the screen with your finger. Tap your bets during blackjack. Touch the cards you want to hold onto during video poker. And swipe your way in the main screen through games that include a money wheel, slots, a three-card money game. For a timeout from the gambling, tap on the "lounge act" for a quick shot of a various group of performers who briefly appear under the spotlight. It is a random component Burning Monkey Casino could do without.

Much like a Vegas showgirl, the casino seems to be all sparkle with not a whole lot going on underneath the shine. The video poker and lottery ticket scratcher is little more than a cyclical experience of loss and victory. Burning Monkey Casino seems built to provide a variety of games as opposed to encouraging players to go in-depth with one particular game.

If you are the competitive type you will have fun trying to increase your cash flow through the various games offered in Burning Monkey Casino. And, if you believe that variety is the spice of life, then this selection of casino games could be just what your iPhone or iPod touch is missing!

Burning Monkey Casino is an excellent time-killer for those looking for some mindless fun. The app has a solid identity from the wacky characters and cartoon-like graphics that keep it from being just another casino video game. Because of some of the game's quirkiness, true casino aficionados will probably be disappointed. But there are a lot worse ways you could spend your money.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • DominoFect

    Lounge act? What a funky idea. Its funny the editor said the app could do without it. It was my favorite part of the description

  • Dynamorgan

    Tried this app out. The variety of games is cool. I didn't really get too into any particular one because there was no money involved. So how fun is gambling without any stakes? Not very fun, that's how.

  • SeanBMW2001

    yeah, I used to try these games out. I have always loved poker and blackjack but when there's no money on the line, it's just not the same. I know some people beg to differ but I can't get it them

  • mike

    It never really is truly as fun or rewarding without real money :0) Cheers