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Buzzbuka (Covert Messaging)
Developer: David Soloveichik
Price: free Download on the App Store

buzzbuka iphone appBuzzbuka (Covert Messaging) - With the App Store surpassing 30,000 applications available for download, it’s both a great and scary piece of news. On one hand, the raw numbers point to both the promise and success of Apple’s digital marketplace.

On the other hand, I think it’s fair to say that there is a large amount of unpolished and derivative products cluttering the marketplace. The latter is particularly worrisome as there is the potential for a great idea/product to get lost in the fray. This review is going to shine a well deserved spotlight on an innovative idea that is executed very well.

David Soloveichik's Buzzbuka (Covert Messaging) is a social networking tool that can be used in several ways. The premise of Buzzbuka is that you can communicate and send messages to friends (that also have the application running) using codes. Initially you’ll have to create a channel and password as that's the method you and your friend will connect with on cellular or Wi-Fi networks. By using the volume buttons, you can send either a single or double vibration. You can either use a code that you and your friend develop or use a handy Morse-code chart within Buzzbuka to spell out words and phrases. I can totally see Buzzbuka being helpful for those of you that are looking to find ways to reduce incoming or outgoing SMS messages.

For real world usage examples, here are a few:

  • Bailout on a horrible date
  • Get some “tips” on a test
  • Start the exit strategy on a trip to the in-laws
  • Alert a colleague his speaking time is up on a presentation

Though there are several scenarios Buzzbuka can be useful, the beauty of this application is that it's versatile enough to be useful in any situation that requires one-on-one communication and coordination.

Though I dig Buzzbuka in its current state, there are a few extra things I wish it allowed me to do. First, some option to send full words or phrases using codes would be great. While the Morse-code option works well, it gets a bit clumsy when trying to send longer messages. Second, an option that allows me to create and save my own messages within the application would be a great extension of the concept.

Those small suggestions aside, Buzzbucka is an innovative and polished application that deserves all the praise it can get. Well done Mr. Soloveichik!

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  • dsemeas

    I am the developer of Buzzbuka. Thanks a lot for the review and for the encouragement! I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind for a future version of the app.

    Meanwhile, I made Buzzbuka free for a limited time. Thanks to all the people who downloaded it, helping to put it into the top 100 free apps in the Social Networking category. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it!!


  • CogitoEAS

    Hi David,

    I really love your app, but I noticed it's no longer available for in the App Store. Is there an update coming soon or will no one be able to download again in the future? I really hope it's the former!