Calmighty is a Beautifully-Designed Calendar App With Facebook Integration

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Developer: GTFO Ventures Oy
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Calmighty calendar app for iPhoneIn today's busy, digital society a calendar app is a necessity to stay organized. Sure, you could keep track of your daily schedule with a paper calendar, but where’s the fun in that? The only problem with digital event management is that it's often fragmented — work events and todos posted one place while social events and birthdays might be posted someplace else. If you're searching for a calendar app that can bridge the digital divide, then Calmighty could be the best thing to ever happen to your iOS device.

Calmighty is a beautifully-designed calendar app that integrates with Facebook. It's not only easy to use, it also looks fantastic! The app offers a unique way to view daily events using a clock interface. Individual calendar items fill up the hours around the clock's face for a quick visual reference of how full your day is. Drag the clock hand to a specific time and the app will displays information for the event in that time slot.

Calmighty will, of course, show events the traditional way using a monthly calendar view or as a list display, if that's your preference.

One of the best elements of the Calmighty calendar is that it automatically syncs with the iPhone's built-in calendar. Any event that you input into your standard calendar will transfer over to the app and vice versa. Being able to sync calendars ongoing (not just the first time you use the app) is a fantastic, yet often overlooked, feature.

Calmighty's biggest claim to fame is its extensive integration with Facebook. The app will show you Facebook events you are attending as well as pending invitations. Better still, you can RSVP or decline events straight from the app. Calmighty will also let you create new events to be posted onto Facebook. If you're a Facebook user, this calendar app has everything you need. You could even update your Facebook status from the app.

Calmighty is one of those apps where you can tell that the designers set out with simplicity in mind. Many calendar apps are difficult to use so entering events feels like a chore. Calmighty is so well-designed that the process just feels easier.

I only have one complaint about the app, and it's mostly semantic. Although the app is free, the skins—which Calmighty touts heavily as a feature — cost extra. I fully support developers earning a buck via in-app purchases, but finding a price tag on a feature that is described as an integral part of the app was disappointing. On the other hand, at $0.99 each, the skins are dirt cheap. Ask me next week and my new complaint might be that there aren't enough skins to buy.

Overall, I loved Calmighty. It is well-designed, looks great and syncs with both Facebook and your standard iOS calendar. I would especially recommend Calmighty for users who are new to using calendar apps and want something simple that works right "out of the box."

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  • Ownable

    Spent some time on Calmighty today. I like the unique style of the clock. I do think it takes some time to figure out but once you have done it it is easy and fun to use. Graphics are good and makes it sleek and cool to use. Thx for the app!

  • Megadeth 4-ever

    Thx, the developer is my cousin from Suomi-Finland.

  • Calmighty

    The coding for Calmighty has been done by AttidoMobile in Manchester and it is produced by GTFO Ventures in Helsinki.