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Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by Calorie Count (AppStore Link)
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Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by Calorie Count
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Calorie Counter* iphoneIf the holidays put you in mind of watching your weight, then no doubt you’re silently counting calories at every party and family gathering. Even if you prefer to throw caution to the weight-watching wind and worry about it later, it might be nice to at least monitor your nutritional intake.

The Calorie Counter* app for iPhone is a free app that counts calories, weighs intake against exercise and provides a nutritional grade for foods eaten. As an added bonus, it throws in a few additional features such as voice logging, barcode scanning, and access to community and group forums on the website. 

For a free app, Calorie Counter* is superb. The local database of foods includes approximately 250,000 items ranging from brand name and chain restaurant foods to fresh, organic items. Users can also register with the parent website and seamlessly sync iPhone data for additional analysis and recommendations. Essentially, the user controls the level of involvement, allowing its use to be personalized to individual nutritional and dieting goals.

One of the best features of Calorie Counter* is the nutritional analysis. The majority of food items each come with a nutritional grade and a nutritional analysis is provided based on food logging each day. The analysis includes a measure of carbs, proteins, fats, cholesterol, sodium, calcium, iron and more. An overall grade of A through F is awarded based on the data logged. It’s an excellent way to monitor not just caloric intake, but nutritional value as well – all in one simple, intuitive app. There are three methods of logging of food. Users can of course search foods by type or brand, but can also use the voice feature powered by iSpeech to obtain search results or use the barcode scanner for packaged foods. The database of foods is very comprehensive, though there doesn’t appear to be any specific order to search results. Nonetheless, foods can be found fairly quickly and easily for logging just by manually searching.

A comparison of calories consumed to burned takes place visually on a balance scale and each day starts you out with a net gain of burned calories based on simple existence. Exercise and activity can be logged with just a few taps and the visual display makes it easy to see whether each day results in more calorie burning or consumption. Access to community forums and articles provides additional layers of information and support that can be used as each individual desires.

There are several great apps for monitoring calories and setting weight-loss, dieting or nutritional goals, but Calorie Counter* makes a run at one of the best all-in-one apps for being both comprehensive and free. The voice logging feature comes with the app, but is scheduled to be available for free only for a limited time, after which an in-app purchase will be required to keep it. With or without the voice feature, Calorie Counter* is still rich in other features and ideal for anyone wanting to aim for a better balanced diet.

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