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Camera Genius app for iPhoneCamera Genius – AppCraver has reviewed bunches and bunches of really good photo apps such as Nevercenter's Camera Bag and Omar Shoor's Photogene. Add CodeGoo's Camera Genius to the same club.

Tapping the icon in the lower left corner will pop up a menu of the app's features: Zoom, Sound Capture, Anti-Shake, Big Button, Guides, Timer, Burst, Settings and Camera Manual.

All the features worked as well as I expected. One nice touch: The ability to combine all these features, say, Zoom and Burst, for one photo session.

Zoom in on your subject using a slider; Big Button turns the entire screen into a button to trigger the camera. Timer is well, timer. Anti-Shake enables you to steady the camera before snapping away. These are fairly straight-forward features common to a plethora of photo apps.

Then there's Sound Capture, which is one of the more interesting features: The camera is triggered by a sharp noise, so if you want to know who's been raiding the office fridge you might want to conceal your iPhone and nab the wily coyote. On a more mundane level, turn of Sound Capture and automatically snap a pic when your subject says “cheese.”

The other distinctive feature is Burst, which is akin to a motor drive in some cameras: Press the icon and snap off three images in rapid succession.

Guides features a variety of grids overlaid on the viewfinder that helps you align you photos and zoom in on the area you wish to emphasize most.

Last, the Camera Manual provides everything you need to know to use the app. The manual also provides help on composing pictures, lighting, how to take group photos and more.

You'll find most, if not all, these features in separate photo apps, however, Camera Genius puts the more useful one together into one app.

Under Settings, you'll find switches you'll set if you want to tag your images with location, date and time. That's certainly a handy feature.

The one problem I encountered was that when I turned on Sound Camera, I was unable to make it go away, even when the feature was deselected from the list of features. Fix that Camera Genius will be among the top photo apps.

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  • martin_l

    With the Camera Genius features anyone have access to an enhanced photography experience via the icon on the left end of the navigation pane & presented with the following six photo options such as,
    1.Zoom is my favorite feature even though it affects the image quality.
    2.Sound Capture is unique since it allows you to record a sound to take a picture.
    3.Anti-Shake steadies the phone while taking a photo.
    4.Big Button turns the iPhone's entire screen into a shutter button.
    5.Guides assists in framing and positioning the subject you are photographing using horizontal and vertical lines.
    6.Timer gives you a basic 10-second countdown along with an audible "beep" as each second passes.