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camera genius iphone appCamera Genius - If your iPhone were a camera first and phone second, it would probably have more sophisticated photo-taking features. But it’s an iPhone. Camera is nowhere in its name. Can you expect anything more?  You can from Camera Genius.

When it comes to photography, the Camera Genius app picks up where the iPhone left off. Camera Genius from CodeGoo offers seven features that go beyond point-and-shoot, and it offers them in one app. One of those features is a big photo button, thank goodness. Do you feel sometimes like your fingers are huge, fat appendages whose tips are as wide as the whole iPhone screen? The big photo button allows you to touch just about anywhere on the screen to take your snapshot.

I am also fond of the anti-shake stabilization. Camera Genius waits until your hand is not shaking before it takes the photo, which sometimes takes a few seconds, but in lower light the difference is remarkable. Photos that I took in low light with anti-shake stabilization were not blurry, while those I took without the anti-shake were worthy of being viewed only by the trash can.

Another feature of Camera Genius is a self-timer, which every camera needs.  There is also the option of voice activation.  This “say cheese” function works, but only if you say cheese really, really loud.  If I have to stand there and hold the camera anyway, I would just as soon press the button myself to take the picture or I would use the timer if I wanted to get in the photo.

Camera Genius also offers a quick review button, a picture counter, and grids to align photos using the artistically proven "rule of thirds."

Some users have complained that the photos they took with Camera Genius did not transfer into their photo library. I did not have this problem. All of the photos I took saved, albeit very slowly. CodeGoo just provided an update that allows for faster saving of photos, but there is still room for improvement.

Overall, Camera Genius has a some handy features that I will use, and others that I will not. Camera Genius is currently on sale for $1.99.

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  • PhotoshopUser

    more details for this application with screenshots

  • glopin

    Nice article.. thanks! I am into photography, so I try out camera apps a lot.
    Two apps has caught my attention recently,
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    this is one of the best camera apps i’ve seen so far..very cool animations and well made!
    i love the shaking part to switch between screens
    and the accenting is very cool too. very good for artists like me! so worth the .99$ i paid for it.
    Check it out, the video demo:
    2. called Layar
    If you are a traveller, then this is for you. It puts out information of whatever it sees.. check it out!