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CamFind - Search, QR Reader, Price Comparison & Barcode Scanner (AppStore Link)
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CamFind - Search, QR Reader, Price Comparison & Barcode Scanner
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camfind iphoneLooking for a new mobile search experience? One that combines text and voice search with location and image-based searching? Look no further than CamFind for iPhone.

CamFind tethers the real world to the virtual world to create an easy, integrated mobile search experience with speed and accuracy. CamFind allows users to enter a search with voice, text or the snap of the camera and then quickly populates relevant search information. With features like QR and barcode reader, online price comparisons, maps and more, CamFind is a cool little all-in-one app with tons of uses.

One of the best features of CamFind is its ability to analyze a photo for a quick web search of things that might be unfamiliar. Don’t know what that landmark is or where to find a certain item – put CamFind to work. CamFind accurately identifies a wide range of photo images – from corporations to restaurants to artwork – and then populates relevant search results. 

In addition to photo searching, CamFind employs a powerful voice and text search engine as well.

For as powerful and extensive as CamFind is, it is surprisingly user-friendly. The primary CamFind screen is the active camera for quick image capture. From within History, users can search by text or select previously stored images from the photo library. If voice searching is desired, tap the list icon next to the camera button and select the microphone – CamFind even offers translation in multiple languages. A history of previous searches is stored until cleared and is accessible from the History icon to the left of the camera. To take a picture or read a code, simply center the image onscreen and tap the camera icon.

A completed search includes relevant web results, images, items, and nearby locations. Simply tap what you’re interested in and browse. The voice search option is powered by iSpeech and requires clear speech for accurate results, but is pretty efficient under normal circumstances. Location-based results are powered by Yelp and if it’s nearby and Yelp knows it, you’ll get solid results.

For its features and abilities, CamFind rivals any Google-powered search and because its free, CamFind can easily serve as a full-featured mobile search option, replacing pretty much any combination of search and find apps for all purposes. The image-based search is impressive and fun to challenge. For a mobile search app to connect the here and now and when and where with the web, CamFind does a great job.

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