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Candy Crush Saga
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candy crush sagaGreat news for Candy Crush addicts with iOS devices – Candy Crush Saga is now available for iPhone and iPad. If you haven’t experienced the gushing sweetness of the switch and match game known as Candy Crush, then you should be congratulated for having a life. But proceed with caution because Candy Crush has suckered in even the most disciplined with its addictive nature and sugar-coated game play. Now, Candy Crush Saga makes it possible to take that sweetness with you wherever you go. Doctor keeping you waiting? Appetizers taking too long to arrive at dinner? Whatever the reason, if you’ve got the Candy Crush sugar rush, you’ll be looking for time to kill.

As an iOS game, Candy Crush Saga is the perfect candidate. It makes the translation from computer to iPhone/iPad perfectly. Candy Crush Saga is colorful, sweetly upbeat and has tons of levels to challenge you. Earn extra bonus items for bigger than three matches or trade bonuses with friends on Facebook. How you play is up to you.

Though you can make Candy Crush Saga a friendly competition through the social media wonder of Facebook, you aren’t required to connect or have an account to play. If you do connect, you’ll be able to see where your score ranks in comparison to friends who are playing. You can also send special items like extra moves or special candies to friends. With or without the social aspect, Candy Crush Saga has some of the most addicting elements, making it the game that keeps on giving. Of course, its giving nature only goes so far in that the repeated requests for in-app purchases become redundant to the point of annoying. To avoid this interruption, which could easily cost a small fortune, turn off in-app purchases in your device’s settings menu.

With over 100 levels and Facebook synchronization, Candy Crush Saga for iOS is a sweet treat indeed. To make the most out of the fun, connect with Facebook and ignore the in-app purchase requests. Beware, some levels are a bit of a challenge to beat, but you can always try and try again. As you progress through different levels and advanced to different candy land worlds, you’ll also unlock bonus items and charms that can be used to help you beat the more challenging levels.

Candy Crush Saga for iOS is free to download and doesn’t require any additional in app purchases to play, but certainly makes bonus purchases an option. Candy Crush Saga is easy to play, but challenging to perfect and it makes a tasty take-anywhere mobile game. (As if what the world really needed was a way to never stop playing Candy Crush!)

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