Take Me To My Car: Great Concept, Bad Execution

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Take Me To My Car
Developer: Eldar Sadikov
Price: free Download on the App Store

take me to my car - iphone appThe idea of "Take Me to My Car" is great: record your GPS location, go somewhere, and get a map back to where you started. In practice, however, the Free App by independent developer Eldar Sadikov falls short of this promise.

The two major problems of the app are the extremely slow response times and the inability to drill down to small scales such as the actual parking spot you left your car on. As one App Store reviewer commented: "only useful if you left your car in a vast surface lot or on the Great Plains of Nebraska".

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  • annehezra21

    this same thing can be done by dropping a pin in the maps application. not worth paying for

  • appaddict

    Well, you don't really know how to use the app. I have this app installed. You can easily zoom in by pinching in. So I don't know what you mean by "inability to drill down to small scales such as the actual parking spot you left your car on." As to slow response time, yeah, it's not perfect, but it's just as fast as google maps. The interface could be improved by showing accuracy radius, but what da heck, I can live without it! The GPS in reality does take at least 1-1.5 minutes to get a good accuracy.

  • Fred Krueger

    I challenge anybody to travel as a passenger to an average mall with this car and locate their parking place uniquely using the app.

    Yes, you can zoom in but that is besides the point. The fact is, the stated use of the application -- finding your car -- is a misnomer. Waiting 2 minutes for a highly innacurate GPS map -- without step by step directions -- does not make for a good app,

    I stand by my review.

  • appaddict

    Too bad, people are very ignorant about technology, in general. First of all, it usually takes about a minute or less. Second of all, find me a compact GPS device that locks your position to within 100 meters in less than 30 seconds, I'll buy them all, believe me! I developed GPS software in the past, so I know what I"m talking about. You have to understand the limitations of technology.

    Finally, I personally know the developer of this. The new version will tell users explicitly the accuracy which will minimize the loading time and leave it up to the users to decide which accuracy satisfies them. AND hello, there are step by step directions in this app! Look more carefully.

    P.S. It's free, stop complaining. DId you develop anything yourself?

  • Fred Krueger

    actually, yes, i am a developer. but "you have to understand the limitations of technology" seems incredibly vague to me. The app in its current incarnation, i am sorry to say, is flawed. It will be replaced by other versions, other apps that just work.

    This app does not "just work"

  • appaddict

    Any app is flawed. Yes, new versions will probably be better. I just don't like when people bash free applications, especially when they are reasonably good. But let's leave this, there are many different opinions.

  • inquirer

    Does this app work state to state? East coast to west coast?