CareConnector: a Helpful Tool for Caregivers

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careconnector iphoneCareConnector by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company is an app designed to help caregivers take better care for those in their charge. With CareConnector you can keep track of personal medical information for multiple people all in one place which can save time and relieve stress.

When you open CareConnector you are taken to the Care Planner section which is for the most part, a list of those people for which you need medical information. Each name on the list stores important details specific to that person that are crucial in an emergency situation, such as: social security, insurance company name, group number, birth date, age, address, phone, and allergies.

CareConnector also helps keep track of the prescriptions for multiple people.In the Prescription section of CareConnector you can create the same kind of list as in the Care Planner section only this time with information limited only specifically to prescription drug details. This section is organized with five headings: Prescriptions for Today, Prescriptions for this Week, Prescriptions for this Month, Prescriptions Completed, and Prescription History. Under each of these headings you can put detailed information regarding various treatments and prescription information as well as keep some notes regarding side effects.

The Journal section also lets you keep track of notes and photos too. Here you can document treatment progress and conditions that may arise so that later you can relay the information back to your doctor on your next appointment.

Under the heading Care Resources, CareConnector also features two different unifying factors to help bring the community of caregivers closer together. First is a network of caregivers that can be accessed right from the app by clicking on Message Board in the opening Care Planner page. Here you can join in on discussions and get advice from people in similar situations. There are also three Caregiver Video Stories that let you get a closer look at the lives of other caregivers and the people they care for.

When you are in charge of the well being of another person anything that can help relieve the stress is a welcome change. As a free app CareConnector helps you take some control in situations that might seem overwhelming at best and for that alone it is worth looking into if you are a caregiver.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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