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share: App for iPhone and iPadWhat's behind door number one? A brand new car? As the year comes to an end two things are certain. New car models are now available and it's football season. While there are plenty of apps to get a football fix, there's really only one that should be downloaded to check out new and used cars and that's the iPhone app. for iPad is also available.

How the app functions is fairly straight forward. How it does it is seems like magic. Maybe that's a bit of a reach, but the app is a powerful search tool for new and used cars for sale nearby. Its ability to search lots around the area and compare prices of cars from the same lot is especially helpful. And I'm not just saying this. I actually have used the app. Last year around this time I downloaded the app and used it to find my brand new Kia Forte. 

There are a few things that need to be highlighted before jumping into the app. While it can be used as a search tool, it can also be used as a loan payment calculator. My favorite feature is the expert reviews section. If the car buyer already has a car picked out, make sure to take a look at the review. They are very thorough and give a detailed account of interior, exterior, safety, under the hood, ride and handling, cargo and even an overview at the end about its market value.

After opening the app, I'd suggest jumping straight into the search function and as the car buyer pursues through makes, models, price and location they can tap a car to select as a favorite. Go through and pick a few cars as favorites then take a look at their reviews. This will help immensely to pare down the selection of cars to choose from. This save as a favorite function is very intuitive and useful.

Next up, head over to the tools section and take the payment and affordability calculators for a spin. If these add up then make sure to compare the price of the car against the Kelley Blue Book value, which is built into the app. Another very handy feature.

For its intuitive interface, simple layout and useful search, reviews and tools features, the app is by far one of the best new and used car search tools available on the app store today. If a car is in the future, definitely download this app.

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