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Cartoon Roach
Developer: Babyberry Studios LLC
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cartoon-roach-iphoneIf you ran to the whack-a-mole booth when visiting a favorite arcade or just love to squash insects then Cartoon Roach may be just the game you need.

It is one of those games with a fun, simple concept that makes for a great time killer; the object is to go nuts smashing roaches as they scurry across the screen. But you can't get too crazy because some of them are "good" roaches and squashing them will spell your end.

The more roaches you smash earns additional weapons and tools. After a few smashes you will notice golden stars accumulating at the bottom of the screen — now shaking the device will kill off all evil roaches. A pesticide bomb may appear which will automatically destroy the hordes of pests. Or there is the ever-elusive gift package that quadruples the score when killing off roaches.

The longer you play Cartoon Roach the more challenging some of the roaches become. Many take multiple taps or other tricks to kill them off. For example, the Konoha Ninja Roach sends out clone roaches who can only be destroyed when the real one is killed. Or there is the Spartan Roach, which necessitates a swipe on the shield and then a tap to be killed.Some of the good roaches include the Archangel Roach or Santa Roach, each with distinct designs and descriptions in the roach catalog.

Each time you go to play Cartoon Roach you have the option of starting right away or previewing the catalog so you can keep track of which roaches need to be eliminated and how. Sometimes in the flurry of trying to wipe them all out it can get a bit confusing.

There are some social features available such as Facebook connection and a "challenge" button that will create an e-mail with an App Store link. Beyond that Cartoon Roach is pretty much a solo effort, but one that is a great way to use up time standing in line or when in need of a good distraction.

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