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Cartoonizme examples from iPhone appIf you want to have some fun with your pictures, Cartoonizeme by Portegno Apps will let you add cartoon enhanced features to your personal photos. With Cartoonizeme, now you can make your friends and family look as silly as you want with anything from hats and wigs to googly eyes and crazy smiles.

When you open the app you are greeted with cute little cartoon guys who present you with three options, to select a photo from your camera roll or photo album, to take a new picture, or to go to your Favorites. Choosing a photo from your camera roll is pretty straightforward but when you opt to take your own photo you get a little cartoon crash course in how to "take an appropriate picture." Basically, don't shoot if its too dark, and don't shoot in profile — shoot straight on for maximum cartoon enhancement.

Once you have chosen a photo to use you can start adding cartoon features. On the bottom of the screen you have three options to choose from, a smiley face, a picture with a moustache and glasses, and a little white comment box. Now, the comment box is pretty straightforward but the other two have some hidden gems. The option with the smiley face has eyes and mouths but it also has noses, and wigs. And better still, the option with the glasses and mustache, not only has glasses and mustaches but bows, helmets, headbands, and Christmas-themed accessories as well.

Each of the different features you add can be rotated and re-sized with just a touch. To delete something just touch it so that it has the red outline that means its the active piece and then hit the trash button. There is also a bar that lets you change the Tint (color) of your cartoon additions, as well as one that will let you change the Opacity (level of transparency).

When you have completed the photo to your liking you can choose to save it just to your camera roll or to both your camera roll and your favorites. From there, you will be able to find them again should you want to email them out to whoever you "cartoonized."

I must admit Cartoonizeme is pretty fun, although fairly ridiculous. Cartoonizeme is a lot of silly, goodhearted fun with photos. So, if you want to dress up some of your friends in alien antennas, or just add some funny thought bubbles I suggest you give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

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