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CashTrails with Sync - Expense and Income Tracker (AppStore Link)
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CashTrails with Sync - Expense and Income Tracker
Developer: Vasyl Smyrnov
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

cash trails expense tracker iphone appOver time, the App Store has grown exponentially with an array of personal finance utilities for tracking expenses and budgeting. I’ve always been a firm believer that it is difficult to find a one-size-fits-all expense tracker because of the different styles of budgeting and organizing expenses. Much to my surprise, Cash Trails - Expense Tracker, by Vasyl Smyrnov, is pretty close to a one-size-fits-all deal.

With Cash Trails, users can easily add expense items with a single tap. Further customize your entries with the ability to assign groups, tags, and even make notes. Users can also quickly view expense history, by daily, weekly, or monthly filtering and you can export expense data over wifi. There are several features that make Cash Trails an excellent option for a variety of users, including support of different currencies, password protection, and the ability to track separate expenses for work, home, and hobbies.

Cash Trails allows you track expenses in contrast with income, but even if you prefer to track expenses only, you aren’t limited. By ignoring the + and – features, you can simply track your expenses and quickly see where your money is going. The user interface is friendly and allows you to quickly input notes for later clarification and you can go back and edit or delete entries at any time.

When I first gave Cash Trails a spin, I set it up to track holiday expenses. By assigning a budgeted amount from the beginning, I was able to enter expenses as I incurred them, make notes on what I had bought, and see how much I had left over. This is only one simple example of the expense tracking options available to Cash Trail users, but I’m finding it quite useful. What further impresses me is the option to first try the free version, Cash Trails Lite, which contains all the features of the paid version, but limits users to 30 entries. If you like the Cash Trails interface, simply purchase the full version and you'll be able to import your expenses from Cash Trails Lite.

No doubt, personal finance and expense tracking apps aren’t for everyone, but if you have been looking for an expense tracker that allows you maximum control, ease of use, and the ability to separate expense categories, then Cash Trails is well worth a look. It may just help you revise your entire personal finance strategies and at the very least, it will help you see where your money goes.

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  • evelina

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