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Catapult King
Developer: Chillingo Ltd
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Catapult KingIn the wake of so many Angry Birds wannabe apps, the biggest hurdle to success seems to have been capturing the same charm whilst changing things up enough to provide a completely new game experience. Whether Chillingo Ltd. intended to provide a completely new experience or merely to build upon and replicate Rovio’s success, Catapult King is one of their newest titles that delivers a mix of both.

With a simple, tried and true premise Catapult King is a 3D version of launch-and-destroy gameplay based upon medieval themes. Players line up and adjust the trajectory of their catapult, launching cannonballs at the guards of tower structures made from various building materials. While points are awarded for destruction, the main objective is to knock all of the tower guards from their posts. Extra “gems” can be earned for your crown based on how quickly you take out the guards or how well you aim.

The 3D aspect is a change that is both welcome and well-executed. Catapult King loosely resembles a cross between Boom Blox for the Wii console and the beloved Angry Birds. There are some original ideas in Catapult King, including the gem achievements being based on skill of play rather than total points and the 3D rendering of the catapult and its trajectory adjustment. As an added bonus, “magic” can be earned that turns the standard cannonball into super-powered ammunition. Nonetheless, there are still some seriously misguided inclusions, which raise an eyebrow as to creative licensing. For example, the guards that taunt you, albeit comical in animation, sound a bit too familiar to be deemed original.

Regardless of similarities or differences from other popular games, Catapult King is a fun challenge in its own right with some whimsical animation, well-executed 3D design and gameplay; and like many of Chillingo’s apps offers a strong overall value. There are 64 levels of varying tower structures, designs and numbers, all of which have to be unlocked through sequential gameplay. The overall design provides for a clearly visible and navigable landscape and the easy adjustment of catapult positioning and trajectory is fairly intuitive, making for a smooth game experience. If you want to know how to earn more gems and magic, simply touch and hold the screen on the gems awarded at the end of each level for guidance. To use “magic,” tap the pause screen and select from the available spells.

Catapult King may not be entirely original, but brings enough changes to a familiar genre to make it entertaining. For price point value, Catapult King is a solid all-around game choice and is suitable for all ages and skill levels. So download and take aim – Catapult King is worthy of a buck.

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