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Developer: Shaofeng Yang
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catchif-iPhoneCatchif joins the crowded field of apps competing to share your location and keep tabs on others.

While Catchif works well, it may not be compelling enough to move you off of Loopt, Google Latitude, or any of the other more popular services that have developed a strong following. But who knows—as the booming popularity of Foursquare demonstrates, you never know where the next social media boom will be.

In terms of delivering on what it promises to do, Catchif works well. By enabling GPS it pretty seamlessly finds your location on the embedded Google map. You can then share this with friends from your iPhone contact list or Facebook friends.

Tap a friend and if they have Catchif installed, then the location games can begin. If they do not have Catchif, you don't have an option to invite them through the app interface, unfortunately. You are simply told to, "choose another."

There are two options once you find a friend: "catch me if you can" or "where are you." Either way lets you try and make a connection with that iPhone or Facebook contact and align your blue GPS dots at the same place or simply track each other. Push notifications are available to keep you aware of any real-time movements—if you really need to stay that updated on your friends' comings and goings. For the full experience, you can also install a Facebook app to further keep track of your stalking, or rather tracking, of friends.

However, if Catchif is starting to creep you out, there is a silent mode that lets you hide your location. Or block certain followers if they are getting a bit too sneaky about your location.

In the end Catchif is pretty minimalistic and offers up a decent slew of services for location-aware networking. The current $1.99 tag is a sale price, so if you are interested better jump on it quickly.

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  • AngelaW

    Catchif had a new version release, it now works on all these devices: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, with background running mode. (
    This version has many new cool features including the invitation feature to friends who don't have Catchif installed, you can invite them from either Facebook or on iPhone/iPad. When you try to send an invitation or request from your device , if it detects that your friend does not have Catif installed, you can simply invite them by touching the invite button.

    Very cool, we all love it, they seem to have the longest review ever in Apple Store, very touching.