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Sometimes it is just not possible to secure sofa time for every NCAA Tournament game. Fortunately those with an iPhone/iPod touch and a solid Wi-Fi connection can still catch the action.

The CBS Sports NCAA March Madness On Demand app puts every game live on your iPhone — provided you are connected to a wireless network.  The live television quality will depend on the strength of your wireless signal. On a couple of networks I tried I was unable to get games to play any video. However, on another network that had a strong signal and minimal bandwidth to compete against the streaming flowed well. But even on a good network, there were still a few hiccups from time to time with the broadcast cutting out. The picture was also still grainy at times — but it is worth taking into account this was live television on a mobile device. Don't expect High Definition.

If you are connected to the network you can pick up audio of each game instead of the television broadcast. But there is more than just the live games that are part of CBS Sports NCAA March Madness On Demand. There is also a well-designed user interface for getting other scores and information. On the scoreboard screen  move the bracket around with your finger or slide a horizontal scroll bar to get scores and game times. The scores were updated in real-time and were easy to read and find.

There are some great touches thrown into the live coverage. During a game you can tap on the screen and either see live player stats or scores from other games. If you are a true college hoops fan, the moment that a game pops on your iPhone while you are away from a TV will make the $4.99 the app cost feel like the best money ever spent. If you may be away from TV coverage of the tournament, but will be around Wi-Fi, this may be a worthy buy. But if you just want to check scores, then the CBS Sports app or ESPN ScoreCenter would be better options.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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